Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Skylar Hand and Cody Pinnt were both born and raised in Big Spring, Texas. Cody was raised by a loving, nurturing family, and given every opportunity to succeed, given free rein to achieve his dreams and goals in life. Skylar was raised by a neglectful father who is drunk most of the time and never has a nice or an encouraging word to say to anyone, and a mother who has done her best to survive day to day in a life she never would dreamed for herself. Skylar has no dreams, no goals in life beyond working full time on his father’s ranch that neither a hope nor a prayer could save. But no matter what lot they’ve been dealt in life, Skylar Hand and Cody Pinnt have always had each other.

The best of friends almost since birth, Skylar and Cody have always been close. As they grow older, their feelings for one another grow as well, become a romantic relationship. And although Skylar denies what he feels every chance he gets, certain that his is not gay, his love for Cody never changes.

When Cody leaves Big Springs and Skylar Hand behind to follow his dreams and attend college, Skylar is left feeling empty and confused. It takes months and a talk with Pete, the old ranch hand, for Skylar to realize that not only is he in love with Cody, but he has no idea how to admit it. Stuck on a dead-end ranch with no hopes of moving on, Skylar struggles most with what he feels for Cody.

When Cody feels a need to visit Skylar a week before Christmas, Pete and Cody’s roommate devise a plan to drive him to Big Spring – to save Skylar Hand and give him hope for a future. But at what cost as obstacles and mistakes threaten to destroy everything that Skylar and Cody have before they can even admit how they feel about each other.

Saving Skylar Hand is not your typical romance. It’s more than that. It’s a journey of self-discovery and of self-worth for Skylar Hand, a story of love and hope. This author takes readers on the journey right alongside each character.

It’s a beautifully constructed story complete with teenage angst and confusion, giving readers the point of view of several different characters, not only Skylar and Cody. It’s an easy read with short chapters and realistic events and dialogue, which I appreciated very much.

Skylar Hand is such a wonderful character. Regardless of what he truly wants out of life, he knows his path has been marked for him. He doesn’t complain about it, he accepts it and tries to move on. But the one thing he can’t move on from is Cody. Skylar denies that he’s gay every chance he gets, but even denying it, he can’t help but love Cody.

Cody has always known that Skylar would always be part of his life. He’s loved and accepted Skylar more than any other person in his life. He’s supported Skylar no matter what, even if he disagreed with him. He is the perfect balance to Skylar’s unstable life.

And the bond these two share is strong and, dare I say, unbreakable. Yes, they make their fair share of mistakes. They make wrong decisions. But together, Skylar and Cody prove that their love is strong enough to stand against any storm.

The cast of secondary characters holds a large part of this book. From Skylar’s negligent father to his struggling mother. From Cody’s smitten father to his head strong mother. From Cody’s self-important roommate, Zane, to Skylar’s friend of happenstance, Christie. From a former bull rider turned crippled ranch hand, Pete, to the memory of a former conflicted bull rider, L’Amour. Have you ever heard “There are no small roles, only small actors (characters, in this case)”? Well, in this book there are definitely no small roles. Each secondary character holds a role in the creation of the big picture of this story.

If I had a complaint, it is a small one and more of a personal peeve. The constant switch of the many character’s POV within a chapter was a little confusing, especially at first. I eventually got used to it, and thankfully it didn’t detract from the wonderful story that was presented.

I was captivated by this story from the very beginning. The beautiful characters, that fabulous storyline, the hope for love and a future, even the short, easy to read chapters all served to bring this story to life. I highly recommend Saving Skylar Hand by George Seaton.