Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Sometimes love just isn’t enough, and no one knows that better than Detective Kieran Fox. Working with US Marshal Jubilee Mason, this time on Canadian soil, to apprehend a fugitive is the last chance they have to be together. When the manhunt ends, Kieran makes a clean break from Jubilee and leaves to take his old job back as a narcotics detective in Vancouver.

Jubilee is trying his hardest to move on, but every day since Kieran left him in a hotel room in Montreal eight months ago has been a struggle. He misses Kieran more than he ever thought possible. So much so that he finally had to break down and tell his sister about their relationship. Finally, a case comes along to keep him too busy to sulk. One of the US Marshal’s Most Wanted has been spotted in Lone Trail, and it’s Jubilee’s job to hunt him down.  But first he needs to sift through the man’s many identities and hidden secrets.

For Kieran, accepting a dangerous undercover assignment sounds like just the thing to help him forget about Jubilee. The assignment is a long stint undercover to bring down an international drug ring. Convincing the people around him that he is who he says he is includes forgetting his old self and turning into a different person, taking drugs, and doing things he would never do otherwise. But the one thing he can’t seem to let go of is the man he still loves. Even after several months away, thoughts of Jubilee still haunt Kieran. The sting finally pays off when Kieran is introduced to the big boss who turns out to be a political figurehead in Texas.

Although the job takes him back to Texas and back into Jubilee’s life, Kieran has new demons to fight. Ones that may cost him a second chance with Jubilee and, even worse, that may cost him his life.

Slow Dance is the third book in the Orgasmic Texas Dawn series by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly. The books are written to be read in order, otherwise you’ll just be confused.

I have mixed feelings about this series. I like Kieran and Jubilee more in this book than I have in the previous installments, but therein lays one of my problems with the entire series. Jubilee’s character is not consistent at all. Finally, Jubilee is not a whiny, clingy mess, which was my biggest problem in the last book. He is finally accepting who he is. Kieran remains the better developed, better written character, this time struggling with the separation between him and Jubilee. I’m finally okay with the characters. I can only hope that they will continue along this path and find some sort of consistency.

The procedural drama/mystery of this story is more intriguing to me than the romance side. The three cases that play out in this book are exciting and intriguing. But again, the romance falls flat for me. I can’t figure out why Kieran and Jubilee are even in love. When they’re alone all they do is have sex. I’ve yet to see them spend any real time together, outside of work, in which they get to know each other. I’m sure it has to be there, but I’d like a scene or two of actual conversation without the sex. One thing I do like in this story is the arguments and doubt that surround their relationship once Kieran returns. It shows that they actually have something worth fighting for.

The writing still doesn’t gel very well for me. There’s a lot of repetition of the description of scenes that only happened in the previous chapter, as if the authors are trying to remind the readers of what they just read six paragraphs earlier. It’s frustrating and annoying. And the dialogue, especially within the romance storyline, tends to be cheesy.

I’m trying to give this series the benefit of the doubt, but there’s a lot of doubt. Thankfully, this installment was marginally better than the last one. I say if you want to read it, then do, but be sure to read all of the books in order. Hopefully, the books will continue to get better.