Rating: 3 stars
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Length: Short Story

Dragon Justin and his Knight, Wells, have been together for over 1,000 years, never apart for a moment. A decision to reenter the human world once more sees them settled in a college town in New Hampshire. Wells enrolls them both as students in the local university to pass the time and gather knowledge, a seemingly innocent pastime that becomes fraught with danger. What will happen when their bond of a millennia is destroyed?

The Dragon and His Knight is a short story in the same universe as Notice and A Sky Full of Wings. The author doesn’t say specifically where it fits in but I would put it at the end after A Sky Full of Wings, otherwise very little in this story will make sense to the reader. I am very fond of the dragon lore and dragons/knight relationships that Raiya has created for this series. The Dragon and His Knight adds some additional facts of dragon lore and part of the backstory of the ancient black dragon and knight that appear at the end of A Sky Full of Wings that was missing from that book. But in some circumstances it also muddies the very history that has been laid down before, including adding a somewhat abusive relationship between a secondary dragon/knight couple that was just confusing.

What the author does so well is to portray the loving master/servant relationship that does exist between Justin and Wells, one that has endured over 1,000 years. These two characters make the story. When they appeared out of nowhere in A Sky Full of Wings, I wanted to know more about these remarkable characters who had such a large impact on that story. I still feel that way. This story was so short that it truly was only a sip that whetted my appetite instead of a drink that satisfied my thirst. I still want more of Justin and Wells backstory as well as those other dragons and knights from their era. The Dragon and His Knight is truly just a glimpse into a very small section of an ongoing story. I hope that the author has a much longer book planned that will help fill in the many gaps left by this story. Until we get more exposition, I think I would skip this addition, and if you love dragons, read Notice and A Sky Full of Wings instead.

The Dragon and His Knight was published previously in the Mine Anthology