It is finally here! This week is Jock Week here at Joyfully Jay and we are about to spend a week celebrating athlete stories.  We have tons of reviews, guests posts, a Favorites lists, and an enormous giveaway to share.  And they will all feature athletes of some kind.  They may be current or retired, and players in high school, college, or professional. They may be coaches, or even just weekend warriors who enjoy athletics. We are covering sports from football to tennis to diving to baseball. But all of them will share our love for the jock!

Jock weekSo things are supersized this week with tons going on.  First off, we have kicked up the reviews a notch and have 21 reviews planned throughout the week.  We also have five great guest posts, including one from one of our readers. So very busy and exciting.   I will try to update these to live links as the week goes on so you all have an easy place to find everything.

Hope you enjoy!  Here is what we have planned.







So yep, we have a whopper of a week. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

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