Jock weekHi guys! I can’t believe we are only one week from Jock Week! This is a week where we will be celebrating books featuring athletes with all types of activities.  It seems like we have been planning forever and now it is right around the corner!

So lots of really exciting stuff coming up and here is a quick preview…


We have about 20 reviews planned on all kinds of jock related books – current and former athletes at all levels in all types of sports.  I can’t believe how popular athlete stories are and we have lots to share with you.

Guest Posts!

I am really excited that we have four fabulous authors writing guest posts for us about books featuring athletes. We have posts from Katey Hawthorne, Keira Andrews, Kate McMurray, and Anne Tenino.  I am also thrilled that we have a reader contribution to Jock Week as well.  Kris has written an amazing post on why athletes make great romance heroes. I am so excited to share it with you guys.


As usual, we will be compiling a list of our favorite themed books.  And we would love to hear your ideas as well!


The giveaway for Jock Week is going to be amazing you guys!  I am blown away by the generosity from so many authors and publishers who have contributed to make this a real extravaganza.  We have 60 prizes to give away for Jock Week! It is going to be fabulous!

Later this week I will be running a giveaway preview highlighting all the amazing prizes and going over the procedure for entering.  With so many things to give away, I am trying to streamline things a bit so it doesn’t take forever to give them all out.  So details to come later this week.

So I hope you are guys are getting as excited as I am!  It should be an amazing week!


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