FlippedRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Carter Hope and Mario Gutierrez have been best friends for years.  They are also roommates and recently bought a house together to flip for resale.  Although they are as close as brothers, there has never been anything more than friendship between them until one night something sparks for both men.  Though they worry about the effects on their friendship, Mario and Carter can’t control their sudden attraction to one another and share a hot sexual encounter.  But both men worry about starting something together.  Not only are they both dedicated tops, but their friendship is incredibly important to them and they worry adding sex will mess things up.  They want to try to make a relationship work, but worry it may ruin the friendship they already have.

So this is a sweet friends-to-lovers story about two best friends who suddenly find themselves looking at the other in a new way.  The first hurdle is accepting that there is attraction where before their was only friendship.  And the second is reconciling that both men prefer to top. In Carter’s case, a bad first experience has made him feel the need for control and he can’t bear the idea of giving that up.  So nothing earth shattering in terms of conflict here, but the story is sweet and a little mushy with some nice heat.

I did have a little trouble figuring out why these guys went from zero to lusting for one another all of a sudden.  I mean, I get how friendship can turn into more but it seemed to be pretty much instantaneous with no suggestion that past events had been leading them this direction.  I also think that the house flipping subplot is a bit of window dressing as it doesn’t have much impact on the story as a whole.  But overall I found these guys sweet together and Flipped to be an enjoyable short story for when you are looking for something light and easy.

P.S. This story was original published by Silver Publishing but has been re-released with a new cover by Dark Mountain Books.


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