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Cowboys, tight jeans, boots, cowboy hats, rodeo, and bull riding – how could I resist reading this book? The answer is: I couldn’t. I have a weakness for all things cowboy and this series feeds my addiction.

Since leaving home at fifteen, Tony Romanos has longed for a home to lay his head at night, to rest his weary heart, and to grow a family. Meeting Randy and Les was the start of the new family that Tony desires, a family that loves unconditionally. When his past comes looking for him, Tony must decide whether to revisit the birth family that threw him away for being gay and this time be there to support his nephew, or to continue his life as it is without looking back.

After an amazing one night stand, Tony didn’t expect to continue thinking about the man he knew only as Mac. Before Tony has the chance to look for the man, he has to set his demons to rest. Returning to his hometown is exactly what he expected – the spite and hatred from the people who were supposed to love him. His nephew Juan is different, though. Juan is sixteen and gay, but afraid to tell his mother for fear that what happened to Tony will happen to him. When Juan’s friend, Yancey turns up injured and in need of a place to stay, Tony offers to take him to Wyoming to stay at Les and Randy’s ranch.

Brody MacCafferty can’t stop thinking about the amazing cowboy he met in Hawaii, but before he can pursue a search for the man, Brody has to find his younger brother, Yancey. Brody left home at eighteen in order to turn his life around. He always planned on returning for Yancey, it just took longer than expected. The trail to his brother leads to a young man named Juan. Juan helps Brody find his brother and in turn Brody escorts the young man to Wyoming where he will be living with his uncle.

Arriving at Hardin Farms was both a beautiful and surprising moment for Brody. Reuniting with his brother is everything he hoped it would be. But finding out that the man who gave his brother a place to stay is also the Tony that Brody can’t get out of his head is a wonderful shock to his world.

Rekindling the passion between them is not a problem, but opening up and allowing the other in to their lives and hearts in order to have a relationship is another story altogether. Learning to trust again is hard for Tony, but not giving his whole heart to Brody may cost him the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Home of His Own is the second book in T.A. Chase’s Home series. It has been re-edited and re-released by Total-E-Bound.

Like I said earlier, give me cowboys any day and I’m a happy girl. That goes double for Tony. Tony is a strong-willed, world-weary cowboy with a vulnerable side. He’s perfectly balanced by the support and love Brody gives. Brody is headstrong and focused. Tony and Brody are both well-developed, charming characters. They are immediately likable and I fell for them both from the start.

There is a lot of story covered within this book – the histories of the main characters, finding each other twice, relationships (family and romantic), their separate lives and careers. But most of all, it’s a story of the chosen family – the family made up of those friends and relatives that we choose to let into our lives, that we trust with our hearts. It’s a well-organized and engrossing story. This author, again, shows the expertise of her rodeo knowledge, this time in bull riding. Readers are given a behind the scenes view of what the riders experience and what their loved ones go through. The knowledge and description of the sport is left me breathless at times. It was all very exciting.

Now for my quibbles. First, for Brody coming into the world of cowboys not knowing anything about it, he picked up the lingo awfully quick. At times he sounded extremely knowledgeable and other times he was asking questions about things he didn’t understand; it made his character seem conflicting at times. And second – details, details, details. I’m sure we all know by now that I catch the small things because my brain is wired that way. You can’t just pull out your medical insurance card and give it to a friend and expect it to cover that friend’s medical bills. Insurance doesn’t work that way. You can pull your credit card out to pay the bill, though. It’s a small thing, but a little research would have cleared that right up.

All in all, Home of His Own is a great addition to Chase’s Home series. Whereas, I really liked the first book, I liked this story even better. The characters were endearing, the story engrossing, and the sport exciting. It is a very entertaining read. I recommend it to the lovers of cowboys, true love, and chosen family. I’m looking forward to the next installment…and more cowboys.

Note: This book will be released on February 11, 2013

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