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Length: Novella

The first time Cupid laid eyes on Jeff Mayfield, the man unknowingly issued a challenge in claiming that love wasn’t for him, a challenge Cupid couldn’t walk away from. Four months later, Cupid is back in Las Vegas, this time in his human form as Cam Smith, electronics store manager. Cam plans on making Jeff fall in love with him without the use of Cupid’s arrows. Jeff is his mate, after all. It shouldn’t be that difficult, but humans can be unpredictable.

Jeff Mayfield, casino owner and playboy, has been burned by love in the past and he has no plans on walking that path again. But when Jeff first sees the beautiful blonde man with the amazing blue eyes things take an unexpected turn. Cam is everything Jeff could ever want, and makes Jeff want things that he’s never wanted with any other man. When Cam refuses to sleep with him the first night, Jeff is intrigued by the man who seems to want more than Jeff’s money and power.

Their tentative bond takes time to grow, but Cam is determined to make their relationship less about lust and more about love. And even as their relationship begins, secrets, history, and Jeff’s playboy reputation threaten to tear them apart. The opposite side of love is obsession and jealousy, and when their relationship is threatened, the monster Jealousy may just ruin everything Cam has worked to build with Jeff.

Perfect is the second book in M.A. Church’s The God’s series. The story that Church tells is one of reality mixed with fantasy with a twist of mythology. It’s an interesting world – one where things that look like coincidence are actually part of a bigger picture. It’s a world where the gods of Mount Olympus are still ruling over the world and taking somewhat of a personal interest in humans.

Cupid played a pretty big role in the first book, but in this story Cupid is love in human form. Giving Cupid the alter ego, Jealousy, is a wonderful twist to this story, because love out of control can turn into obsession and jealousy. Cupid’s human identity, Cam, is a pretty likable character. He’s sure of himself and his goals. He’s determined and goal-oriented. He has Jeff in his sights and refuses to give up on what could be between them.

Jeff is probably my least favorite character, and that’s a little disappointing because I wanted to really like him after the first story. And I do like him, just not as much as I’d hoped. He’s a fairly good character. Even in his confusion in the sexual relationship with Cam, Jeff remains strong and constant. But my biggest complaint is the easy acceptance of who Cam really is. I wanted it to be more of a conflict, more of a struggle that would cement their relationship.

I have to admit that I liked this story better than the first installment. It was not perfect, pardon the pun, but it is an adorably sweet romance. I appreciate the MCs taking the time to get to know one another instead of jumping into the I-love-yous. The major conflict is rather predictable and that’s a little disappointing. But still it’s a cute story, and I look forward to reading Zygi and Mo’s story next.

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