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Length: Short Story

It’s been four years since Christian and Jonah found each other again, and each day they fall deeper and deeper in love. Christian would do anything to make Jonah happy and keep him that way. So since Jonah has never seen actual snow, Christian is taking him to Wyoming to enjoy his first snowfall for Valentine’s Day. But when a freak snow storm grounds all flights to the northwest, Christian’s romantic holiday plans are ruined. Disappointed that he can’t deliver the perfect present for Jonah, Christian puts on a happy face even though he feels like he failed Jonah.

Jonah has always been able to read Christian, so even though he says he’s okay, Jonah knows Christian is disheartened, and Jonah will do anything to cheer him up. But can Jonah find a way to prove that the only thing he needs to enjoy any holiday is Christian’s happiness?

Snowfall is a short story in Cameron Dane’s Foster Siblings series. Christian and Jonah were introduced in A Fostered Love, the first book in the series. And, let me tell you, these boys were hot from the day one, and now years later, they’ve still got it.

For those of us Cameron Dane fans, we already know and love Christian and Jonah, tortured pasts, mistakes, and all. But it’s so good to see that their relationship has not only lasted, but has continued to grow stronger and stronger. They are still loving and supportive of one another, maybe even more so, if that were possible. The love between these two is beautiful, and the passion is fire hot.

Geez, the love making scenes in this short are both beautiful and bone-melting – and that’s saying something (you’ll understand once you read it). In this short story there is a quite a bit of sex for the length of the tale, but it’s definitely hot, as always – a bit drawn out, but still steamy.

There’s no mystery here, no conflict, no angst. It’s a simple glance into the lives of one of my favorite couples that I fell in love with years ago. If you have not read A Fostered Love I urge you to do so, and then pick up this lovely glimpse into Christian and Jonah’s beautiful love. If you’ve read A Fostered Love, you must read Snowfall.

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