Tempting sinRating: 3 stars
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Length: Novella

“He’s my one good thing.”

All his life, Sinclair Alverston (Sin) had been searching for the man he would know was his one good thing, a man he could love with all his heart. Even though he was an ex-mercenary, a tough guy in ever sense of the word, inside lurked the heart of a true romantic and he hung onto the idea that there was someone out there just for him. When he spots the beautiful man across the bar, Sin thinks this will be his next one night stand. Before the night is over, Sin realizes that Callum Turner is going to be hard to say goodbye to in the morning.

Callum has known a lot of tragedy in his young life. Now a successful chef in constant demand, Callum is wary of falling in love and between fending off his ex-boyfriend Jerry and creating new recipes for his restaurant, the last thing Callum is looking for is a steady bed companion—much less a new lover. However, Sin pulls at something deep inside Cal that he thought might never spark again. After a night together the two men realize that there is a fragile bond developing and it both terrifies them and makes their hearts sing.

Tempting Sin is a tongue in cheek mystery/insta-love story that left me smiling at my kindle more often than not. Amber Kell is well known for her short, sweet love stories that pair polar opposites who are instantly attracted to one another and then fight that attraction despite their better sense. This novella delivered another successful story of just that kind. However, sometimes, I find these stories just too convenient. The pace just a bit too slick—too fast and the insta-love not always believable.

I did enjoy both the main characters. Their funny quirks and tender feeling for each other made the story enjoyable. I simply wanted a bit more. I wanted there to be just a bit more hesitancy on Sin’s part when he realized that Callum was causing him to forgo all his dating rules. I wanted Callum to explore just how much Sinclair could possibly hurt him if his feelings of burgeoning lover were not returned. I wanted to see more of both Cal’s brother Arthur and Sin’s friend Patrick throw up roadblocks to this all too easy love story.

It was just all too easy—too quick and so it left me just a bit dissatisfied. Amber Kell writes a nice love story and her formula is tried and true. I just felt this one deserved a few more chapters and just a little bit more angst.


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