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adam and eve imageImagine your favorite romance novel–you know the characters, you know their story and you even feel like you know them intimately. Now think of your own relationship? Does it mirror the happiness that you find in the characters in your book and better yet, does your sex life match it at all? If it doesn’t and you want it to, it’s time to start making some changes. Luckily, your first step to take is to revisit your book. You can start revolutionizing your relationship and sex life just by reading! Who knew?

Re-read your favorite erotic romance novel and perhaps a few others and you’ll notice that every action is fueled by romance. Now take the same approach in your relationship. Have the dates fallen by the wayside? Have you neglected the little things? Are you even complimenting each other less? If so, start by changing those actions. Bring the same approach to your relationship that you used when you first started dating. Your partner will notice your effort and it will become contagious. Romance tends to be one of the first things to go when we really start dating someone, so bring it back and rekindle the magic you already have.

Reading an erotic romance novel can also make you more honest and open with your partner. Reading can help you see other types of relationships and notice some good and bad aspects of your own. By analyzing your own relationship, you can help pinpoint some issues you would like to work on. Open up to your partner and discuss these issues. Then try to keep an open channel of communication from then on out.

Your romance novel can also help you spice up your bedroom. Look back to some of the sex scenes you really enjoyed and use them as inspiration. You can use the characters and scene as a way to introduce role playing into your bedroom. Really take on the character and do it up big with an outfit, a wig and even an accent and then go from there. You could also use your favorite book to get in the mood or introduce dirty talk. Take turns reading pages to each other; you’ll find that you get even more turned on when someone is listening. You can once again, recreate the scene that you read or just use it as a way of getting comfortable with saying certain words to your partner.

Finally, you can also pick up a new romance novel that explores different fetishes and themes than you’re used to. This is a great way to learn about different lifestyles and experiment in your bedroom. Find one that dabbles in BDSM, foot play or one that even focuses on using sex toys and props. You might find out that you’re into it and may even end up at Adam and Eve buying a few things for you and your partner. Even if you don’t end up getting into, it’s also a really great way for you to feel less embarrassed or uncomfortable with various fetishes out there.

So the next time you pick up a romance novel or even an old favorite, consider the ways that it can be enjoyable and beneficial to your relationship!

** This post is brought to you by Adam & Eve **

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