Whew! Well after 24 hours of some crazy who knows what happening with my blog, it finally seems to be mostly resolved.  Or at least the biggest problems seem to have been fixed.  For starters, all the text isn’t on the zig zag background anymore (and a HUGE thanks to Ethan Stone for bringing that to my attention).

As with all things in this technical wonderland, no one seems to have any idea WHY it stopped working, but since it is ok now I am shutting my mouth and just accepting my good fortune.

So, most things seem to be fixed, but if you notice anything that looks weird (or just different than it looks normally), PLEASE let me know.  Because of caching and other funky stuff, I may not be seeing all the same things you are.  So if anything looks off as you navigate through the site, just shoot me an email and I’ll see if I can fix it.


P.S. One thing that seems to be not working right on at least some pages is the little white circle that goes around the dates on the individual posts.  Are you all seeing that missing too?


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