Hello everyone! Today I am very happy to welcome author M. Raiya to Joyfully Jay.  M is sharing some details about a new release, Silver Pearl.  Also be sure to check out the link for a giveaway on M’s web site (enter there, not here).  So please join me in giving a big welcome 

Hi! I’m M. Raiya and very pleased to be at Joyfully Jay today as part of my Silver Pearl Guest Blog Tour. I’m very appreciative of this site, where my Notice series got a detailed review a while back.

I’m here to talk about Silver Pearl, from Less Than Three Press, today. Silver Pearl introduces two new characters — Joel and Laburne. The story doesn’t have any dragons, but as anyone can tell from the cover, it does have another magical creature. (I started to write “mythical creature” here, but after being immersed in Varian and Josh’s lives so deeply, I just can’t see dragons as myths any longer. They’re definitely as alive as I am, and you can interpret that any way you please…)

Joel is one of those characters who is a pleasure to write about — he has a sensitive soul that’s been hurt through no fault of his own, but he hasn’t allowed the past to harden the goodness inside him. He aches for the love and beauty that he thinks will be forever denied him.

Enter Laburne, a character who is straining to live under his own set of heavy secrets. Silver Pearl is the story of these two young men trying to entwine their paths into a future that will embrace them for who they are. And I have to say that Laburne has a little sister who quickly turned herself into one of my favorite characters. I wish that everyone could have a Reme in their lives. (Only one, though!)

Thinking about myths and legends makes me wonder why we need them in our lives. What makes Odysseus so enduring? What makes us revere King Arthur and Robin Hood? Is it just that we admire bravery, cunning, and defiance against evil? Is it just to shed our mundane lives for a little while? Or is it a closer relationship? I think that the boy who is bullied by his peers for being gay but who comes to school every day has a touch of a king in his soul. I think a dancer who faces the brilliant light of the stage has the burning ember of a hero inside her. The teacher who draws kids away from their electronic distractions into a deep discussion of a book possesses the spark to defy the growing superficiality of our society.

And a writer who keeps those traditions alive? Well, I may be just a writer of gay fantasy, but believe me, I feel the breath of ghosts on the back of my neck every night.

Thank you for reading!


silver pearlStanding in a meadow late at night, not really certain why, Joel is shocked when he encounters a unicorn—one that turns into a beautiful young man. Joel aches to be closer to the unicorn, but everyone knows unicorns only approach virgins. After a brutal attack that left him broken and afraid, Joel is no longer that. Then hunters appear, determined to take down the unicorn, and Joel will have to overcome the horrors of his past in order to save his chance at a future.

Here is a link to a book trailer I’ve made for it, to whet your appetites: http://mraiya.blogspot.com/2013/03/silver-peal-book-trailer.html


To read the excerpt and enter a contest for a chance to win a free copy, visit my blog at http://mraiya.blogspot.com/2013/03/silver-pearl-blog-tour.html and leave me a comment with your email address. The winner will be drawn on March 24.

Thank you all so much for reading!

M. Raiya


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