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In episode two of the Immortal Symphony serial, Gabriel Lawrence has made the decision to join the beautiful, yet mysterious, Dorian Gray at his Scotland estate against the advice of his twin, Michael – who also happens to be a ghost. Gabriel is determined to live it up until Dorian gets tired of him. The attraction between Gabriel and Dorian continues to grow as they spend more time together.

While Michael attempts to warn Gabe away from Dorian, Gabe becomes more and more determined to stay and find any way to keep Dorian happy. As Dorian’s world opens up before Gabriel’s eyes, Gabe has to decide whether to endure it and continue to make Dorian happy, or to listen to his brother and run from it.

Where the first episode gave us glimpses of both Gabriel and Dorian’s points of view, this episode is solely in Gabriel’s. His character is continuing to develop. I found Gabriel to be very innocent and naïve in ways. I can’t say that he’s completely naïve, but when it comes to Dorian he definitely has on rose-colored glasses. I look forward to him waking up from the sex haze. I want to see him really come out of his shell – not in an overtly sexual way, but personality-wise. I think mostly I look forward to the eye-opening revelation about Dorian’s true identity, and maybe Michael’s chance to say “I told you so.”

I’m still hoping for the story behind Michael’s death and the reason he’s attached to Gabe. But I really like Michael’s level head and his determination to save Gabe from himself. I have a feeling that Michael is going to be a big part of this story and I look forward to watching his character progress.

As it is the second episode, the story is still developing. This episode is sexy, beyond sexy. Like, fan yourself hot. Wow, the scenes in this episode are erotic and kinky and completely provocative. This time we get a little glimpse into Dorian’s sensual world – the hedonistic pleasures and debauchery, the drugs and alcohol. It’s enough to make me a little uncomfortable, but also keep me interested. I can definitely see some reasons for jealousy and resentment in the making.

There’s so much I look forward to in this story. I like that this serial has an edge. It’s a new and different twist on a classic. As I said before, I love the play off of The Portrait of Dorian Gray. I’m looking forward to what’s to come of this serial. But I will remain patient…ish for the next episode.

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