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Length: Novella

Welcome to Eden, Texas. Population: 666. Home to witches and warlocks, ghosts and giant blobs, monsters that have fangs and fur, monsters that can fly and breathe fire, and one ordinary human boy. James Dire has longed to be something more his whole life. Growing up with a family and town full of monsters, James is different and invisible, unless something goes wrong. Then James is the first suspect simply because he is so ordinary.

While working on a story for the school newspaper, James is informed by his longtime secret crush, Theo Howard, that one of their classmates has been kidnapped. Volunteering to help any way they can, Theo and James quickly find out that no one wants to listen to kids, but talking to the victim’s younger sister gives James and Theo a lead. After a short investigation into James’ whereabouts that morning leads to his solid alibi, James and Theo set out to find the missing witch.

Following their instincts, James and Theo look for their classmate while solving a mystery that seems like a puzzle that is missing pieces. Along the way they form a friendship that spans their differences while searching diligently in hopes of finding their missing classmate before it’s too late.

Monster Town is an adorable story of a boy that doesn’t seem fit in no matter what, but doesn’t let that get him down. It’s a short and sweet story full of hope and acceptance. It’s a light-hearted, fun read that I enjoyed immensely.

I have a thing for underdogs and outcasts; James Dire is nothing if not an underdog. He’s the odd man out in a town that looks at him as if he were some sort of freak. He’s lonely, quiet, and hidden in the shadows. But he jumps at the chance to help his community when one of their citizens is kidnapped. He’s your average high school kid who only wants to find his place in this world. And with the help and growing friendship and support from Theo he begins to find that place. He’s well written with room for growth. I am hoping to see his progression in future stories.

I love the feel of this world. It’s set in modern time in a magically hidden town where monsters are the norm. This is a world where, if you somehow found yourself on the streets of Eden, you would see zombies and werewolves in the grocery store while picking up your groceries. You would sit next to a vampire or ogre in the doctor’s office waiting room. It’s a completely normal world with the exception that its citizens are monsters. And not only that, but the creation uncommon monsters – the giant blob, the slobbering antique store owner whose face is mostly lips – shows great imagination. It’s a creative world that held my interest the entire length of the story.

This story is not a romance. There is a love interest but the focus of the plot is on solving the mystery of the missing girl and some of it is focused on the friendship being built between James and Theo. It’s your classic whodunit with a young adult twist. It’s quickly paced and exciting. The plot kept my attention in a way that a lot of young adult stories fail to do. It’s a charming, sweet, fun story. It has a Nancy Drew feel to it, except James is male…and gay, but you get my point.

Overall, Monster Town is an extremely fun, light read that I adore. It’s a tale of a boy finding his place in a world where he doesn’t exactly fit in, and finding a friend along the way. I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that this story will turn into a series. There is room at the end of this book that seems to make way for a sequel. I can only hope. If you are a fan of the young adult genre, if you enjoy paranormal stories or mysteries, if you love an underdog who comes out on top, this story is for you. I highly recommend Monster Town by Dakota Chase.

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