simple menRating: 5 stars
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Length: Novel

Football…who hasn’t secretly lusted after the football star, or the still rugged football coach?  Chip Arnold is, in the finest sense of the word, a ladies’ man and proud of it.  He rolls from one woman to the next, never committing himself or his emotions and constantly assured that this is the life he enjoys.

Jock weekFoster Lewis, a college chaplain, rolls onto the campus of Verona College freshly broken up from a bastard of an ex-boyfriend who cheated on him without remorse.  He is determined to never fall in love again for that way just lays heartache and pain.

These two men meet, the devoted and randy heterosexual, and the gentle and wounded homosexual, and sparks fly with such intensity that neither man can completely grasp the depth of their attraction to each other.  The only problem is that Chip is currently on a break from Foster’s best friend, Lynn.  But on a break means Lynn and Chip can date right?  That is the question that will ultimately threaten to derail the newfound relationship between Chip and Foster and possibly end what might have been a lasting and loving partnership forever.

Simple Men by Eric Arvin is at its base a “gay for you” love story.  However, before you groan and say “not again,” trust me, there is nothing simple about this novel—not by a long shot.  Simple Men takes a oft time trite and overused plot point and turns it into a smart and witty romantic comedy the likes of which you will not be able to put down.

This was no unrealistic sweet and sappy romance—no, this was sharp and funny and so very, very good!  The author opts to run a parallel story of attraction between two college football players, Brad and Jason, and their “coming out” in tandem with Chip’s own revelation and new found sexuality.  The result is a story that simmers with fast-paced action and hilarious moments that keep you glued to the pages of Arvin’s raucous and unpredictable novel.

I loved this story—can you tell?  When an author is able to take on stereotypical characters such as these could have been and recreate them into fresh, exciting and compelling people there can be no verdict about the outcome other than a resounding 5-star review.  I highly recommend Simple Men by Eric Arvin to you, dear reader.  It is a smartly written breath of fresh air in a genre topic that often is unrealistic and hackneyed.


Joyfully Jay