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Pablo Castillo, leader of Los Pescadores, knows that love has no place in this business. Falling in love with his best friend only to have his heart broken was lesson enough. He knows that, but when Dev, his enemy’s right-hand man, walks into Pablo’s life his world is turned upside down. Dev is everything that Pablo could want, but Pablo has rules. One of those rules is that his personal life and his business do not mix. At least they didn’t until he met Dev. Between dealing with a rival gang, hunting down a ghost from his past, and denying his growing feelings for Dev, Pablo doesn’t know whom he can trust. And just as he opens up to Dev, the rug is pulled out from beneath him again.

Dev is the right hand to a psychopath who is doing business with another psychopath, as far as Dev is concerned. Dev knows who and what Pablo is, but even knowing the danger involved, he can’t deny the attraction to the gang leader. Keeping secrets is Dev’s business. He doesn’t agree with everything his boss does, but’s it’s not his job to question. Dev has some secrets of his own. And regardless of how hard he fights how he feels, Dev can’t stay away from Pablo.

A murdered cop, a painful past, and a threat of gang war haunt Pablo and the one thing he has to look forward to is Dev. But when Dev’s secrets come to light, can Dev fight for their relationship hard enough to make it through all of the lies and mistrust? And when a common enemy discovers their secret, can love be enough to keep them alive?

This book…wow! I thought I loved the first book in this series, and I did. But I am in love with every aspect of this book. The characters – not only main, but secondary as well – the lifestyle, the danger, the plot, the angst. As a whole, this book is amazing and I wanted more, just for the simple fact that I loved it so much and didn’t want it to end.

I loved the story from the beginning, and I’ll be honest, I was afraid I wouldn’t. I was introduced to Pablo in the first book when he was in love with Angelo and threw somewhat of a fit when Angelo fell in love with a cop. I was afraid that Pablo would end up incompetent and whiny, but he was neither. He’s an amazingly strong character who faces challenges head on. He protects those he cares about. He has a tough exterior, but he also has a big heart. He’s a hardcore criminal, but he’s a good guy. He’s every bit a contradiction.  He is in a position of leadership that he doesn’t necessarily want. He took it out of duty, but it’s caused regrets in his life and now there’s no safe way out.

Dev is full of secrets. He’s lonely and confused when he meets Pablo. He lives a dangerous life working for a sociopath. He has to be aware of everything around him, to the point of paranoia, especially once Pablo becomes part of his life. Dev is the fighter in their relationship. He doesn’t give up. He’s headstrong and determined. He’s the perfect balance to Pablo’s tendency to give up and walk away from what they have together. Trust and forgiveness are the keys to their relationship, and neither man gives either easily. But that’s what makes their relationship so great.

The story itself is captivating. The writing is enthralling. The crime drama is dirty and gritty and exciting. The danger and violence of this world are alluring in a way that I don’t believe it would be in reality. I was reading this thinking that I’ve led somewhat of a sheltered life (and that’s saying something considering where I live). But the gang issues, the competition, the envy between these two rival gangs is so realistic and engrossing. And again, anyone that has issues with gang violence, consider yourself warned. This book is full of it, but I loved every second. The romance is angsty and heart wrenching. Yes, I even teared up a time or two. And the love making…Ashton knows how to make it hot. The situations, the dirty talk had me fanning myself. I love, love Pablo and Dev.

This story has ups and downs, twists and turns. It took me on a rollercoaster ride that I wanted to go on again…and again. It’s a wonderful, emotional, seductive story. I was sure that this book couldn’t be as hot as Love the Sinner, the first book in the Brooklyn Sinners series. I was wrong. Now I cannot wait for the next book, Syren and Kane’s story. Also, there were several secondary characters introduced in this book with potential, and now I’m dying for Mateo and Tommy’s story. I loved every part of this book and I hope you do too. I highly, highly recommend Sinner, Savior.

Cover: This cover by Syneca is full of sexiness. I absolutely love it.

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