take it offRating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Short Story

Take It Off reunites us with high end rent boys, Jared and Tristan, whom we met in the first book of the Market Garden series, Quid Pro Quo.  Ever since that first night when Tristan teased Jared to ecstasy for a well paying client, the two have been working as a team.  But even though the money is incredible, Tristan finds he is less and less interested in performing for clients and just wants to be with Jared for real.  When their original john, Rolex, shows back up in the club for a repeat performance, Tristan wonders if this is his chance to seduce Jared and find out if there can be something between them outside of the club.  But the tables are turned and this time Jared is doing the teasing, performing a sexy strip tease that drives Tristan out of his mind.

Wow folks, do you see the smoke pouring off my Kindle? This is a hot one and a fabulous follow up to Quid Pro Quo.  I love that we see these guys a little down the road, and suddenly the tables are turned.  While in the first book it is Jared hoping to be noticed by Tristan and Tristan the one leading the encounter, this time we have the reverse.  Now we see that Tristan too has feelings for more than just business (though he doesn’t know Jared shares them).  And Jared takes the lead and makes Tristan crazy hot as he manipulates Rolex for more cash, all while driving Tristan insane with lust.  I’ll admit the teasing kink is one of my major hot points and this story totally nails it.  So sexy and crazy hot.

I did find it a little bit hard at first to adjust to the change of POV since we were getting essentially the other side of the coin here. We know from the first story that Jared is into Tristan, so it threw me a bit to see Tristan so uncertain.  But let’s be honest here.  While I appreciate the authors efforts to give us some plot and relationship development (which they do quite well), we are reading this story for the insane hotness and they totally deliver.  So I loved this story and definitely recommend it, especially if you loved Jared and Tristan as I did in their first story.  Great series, can’t wait for more!