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Country music star, Derek St. Martin has to get away. On the verge of a breakdown, taking more pills than he can keep straight, and drinking from the moment he wakes up till he falls asleep, Derek needs some peace and quiet. When his stepbrother finds a place for him to stay in the Wyoming country, Derek reluctantly agrees. The plan was to relax, detox, and start writing music again. What he didn’t expect was the sexy foreman on the RM Ranch.

Max Furlo understands  that everybody has secrets. He loves his job; it’s quiet, accepting, and no one asks too many questions. When Derek shows up on the ranch, Max knows that his life is about to change. Giving into his attraction means setting himself up for heartache because Derek will undoubtedly be returning to Nashville at the end of his three months on the ranch. But Max isn’t strong enough to deny his attraction to the country singer.

A romance that began as a simple attraction becomes a love stronger than either man ever imagined. And as their time together draws to a close, both men must decide whether hiding their relationship from the world is really worth it. Can love really overcome?

Wishing for a Home is the third book in T.A. Chase’s Home series. It’s a change from the rodeo lifestyle of the previous two installments. This book showcases life on the ranch and the life of a country music star. This author shows her knowledge of the country life in more ways than one. I like that this series isn’t so single-minded.

Max and Derek are likable, relatable characters. Derek is lost and broken. His life hasn’t turned out the way he planned. He wants more from his life but he’s not sure how to get it. I love his progression of healing and finding himself in this story. He becomes less dependent on those around him and on drugs and alcohol, and he learns to depend and trust himself. Max is a big factor in Derek’s growth. Max is strong and stable. He has a painful past that has shaped his life and his beliefs. He’s wary of anything with Derek in the beginning, preferring to be on his own. But after giving in even Max has a little progression of his own. He learns to open up and trust at least one person in his life. Max and Derek complement each other well and they’re a great couple.

I like this story. It’s a journey of self-discovery for both Derek and Max. The previous book is my favorite of the series, but this is a close second. The story flows so well and the writing is smooth. I am also happy to report that the dialogue is less sugary sweet and melodramatic. The plot is believable and entertaining. The combination of ranch life and country music life, a mix of the country and the city, is a wonderful contrast. The romance is sweet with a little bit of conflict to make it real. All around it’s a really good story.

Overall, Wishing for a Home by T.A. Chase is a sweet tale of unexpected love and self-discovery. I love the realism of this story. That it’s not too easy for the MCs. The characters are great. And the new look into the different career lifestyles is refreshing. And I loved the glimpses into the lives of the characters from the previous installments. I’m looking forward to Peter’s story, as well as Yancey and Juan’s. I highly recommend Wishing for a Home.

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