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Hi everyone! Today I am very excited to welcome the fine folks behind the new Promoted by the Billionaire anthology.  They are here to talk to us more about the book, as well as to share details on a big tourwide giveaway.  So please join me in giving them a big welcome!

Hello, everybody! We’re thrilled to be here on Jay’s blog today, talking about our brand new anthology, Promoted by the Billionaire. We’re celebrating our new release with a mini-blog tour. Every comment you leave along the way enters you into a drawing for a $35 gift card from Total E-Bound. The contest closes Wednesday April 3, 7:00 pm MST.

Today, we’re answering a few questions about our stories.

What or who inspired you to write this story?

Noelle Keaton: Sexual tension in the workplace is one of my favorite themes to both read and write about.  I’m always coming up with ideas for how characters deal with conflicts where the personal and professional are entwined.

Marie Sexton and Rowan Speedwell: We pretty much encouraged each other. J

Sara York: One of my favorite authors is AJ Llewellyn. I love AJ’s stories involving Hawaii and the Polynesian culture. When I started developing this story, I knew I had to place it somewhere in the south Pacific.

SL Majors: The idea for this story grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go. From the moment I first heard the idea, I was intrigued. I wondered, who is closer to a billionaire than his chauffeur? (Okay, for me, it’s probably a bartender or hair stylist, but you get the idea!) I figured a driver sees the billionaire at his best and at his worst. There’s the excitement of going exciting places, maybe the exhaustion at the end of a day. A car seems like a place you can really disconnect from the world. It’s an enclosed space, so it’s intimate. I bet the chauffeur pretends he doesn’t see a lot of things that happen in the back seat! I imagined a hero loosening a tie after a long, stressful day. And then…it went from there.

JP Bowie: There’s an incident that precedes the excerpt when Kevin drops an ice cold drink into Logan (the billionaire’s) lap. This actually happened to a friend of mine on a plane – it didn’t have quite the same effect as in the story, but he did get moved up to first class – and a free drink!

Em Woods: Hmm. You know, I don’t think there was a particular inspiration other than the story practically springing to life in my head.

What’s the hottest or most interesting place your characters have sex? (alternately, what’s the hottest prop that comes up during sex?)

Noelle: My characters wind up doing it in the boss’s own office!

Marie and Rowan: On a rooftop with spray paint!

Sara: Goodness, my characters only have sex in their bed, well there is a shower, but my guys keep it simple. Well kind of, they are on a tropical island that was destroyed by a typhoon. It’s hot and the air crackles between them, leaving Storm wanting Keoni more than anyone ever before.

SL: Of course it has to be the back seat of the limo! It’s an interesting juxtaposition. The vehicle really is the driver’s domain. He cares for it, keeps it clean, running well. It’s how he makes his money. But it’s owned by the billionaire. So it’s the way the chauffeur earns his money, his responsibility, and he knows it better than anyone. So, the back seat…whose domain is it, really? Who’s in charge? The answer to that question shocked our billionaire, Brenton.

JP: Well, shortly after the kiss they have have sex on the plane in the billionaire’s luxurious bedroom. Sex at 35000 feet – that’s pretty hot. (Note: Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog stop for a sneak-peek at the kiss!)

Em: OOH! I think the VIP bathroom in the Paris airport. It was smexy!

What’s the first thing you’d do if you were suddenly Promoted by the Billionaire?

Noelle: I’d come up with several sexy ways to show the billionaire my appreciation.

Rowan: Buy a new house!!! (Writes out check for plumber…)

Marie: I’d hire a full-time housekeeper.

Sara: I would probably set up a charity. Giving back is half the fun of having anything.

SL: Oh, yes, I’d get a limo of my own! What luxury. Imagine having someone to drive you to the store? Being able to talk, text, even Facebook in the vehicle? And, oh, la, la, if he were as handsome and rugged, as forceful and loyal as Robert Silles? Sigh.

JP: Depending on why he was promoting me, I’d probably spend a lot of time on my knees saying Thank You! LOL

Em: Buy new clothes!!! LOL

(I’m guessing, based on those answers, our billionaire would choose to promote Noelle and JP!)


Promoted by the Billionaire is available now from Total E-Bound. It will be available from other popular booksellers (i.e. Amazon and ARe) on April 29th.

Please check out yesterday’s post on Coffee and Porn in the Morning, and stop by tomorrow when we visit Amara’s Place, for more chances to enter.

Thanks to Jay for hosting us!

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