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Today I am pleased to welcome Anna Hedley and Rob Rosen, two authors from the new Storm Moon Press anthology, Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies.  Anna and Rob are here to talk to us more about the anthology and themselves.  Welcome Anna and Rob!

Who hasn’t had thoughts about the forbidden while working from nine to five? In Storm Moon Press’ new anthology, Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickes, thirteen authors offer up a variety of delicious, erotic shorts to spice up your coffee break! This anthology brings together both seasoned authors and those new to the GLBT erotic fiction scene, and every story promises a strong dose of erotica, so readers can feel free to kick back one of these shorts like a shot of espresso!

Hi guys, and welcome to Joyfully Jay! To start off, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

[Anna]: I’m Anna. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was about fourteen and used to inflict very terrible and very frequent stories on my poor, long-suffering mother. I never dreamed I’d actually get anything published. The whole thing still seems surreal. My short story, “Perfection”, is included in Torquere’s Masks Off Too! anthology.

[Rob]: My name is Rob Rosen, and I am the San Francisco-based author of the novels Sparkle:The Queerest Book You’ll Ever Love, Divas Las Vegas, which was the winner of the 2010 TLA Gaybies for Best Gay Fiction, Hot Lava, Southern Fried, and Queerwolf, and have had short stories featured in more than 170 anthologies. I have twice been nominated for a Lambda Literary Award and wrote erotic fiction for MEN, Freshmen, and [2] Magazines for 5+ years. My sixth novel, Vamp, is due out this summer. I am also the editor of the anthology Lust in Time: Erotic Romance Through the Ages.

Storm Moon Press’ Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies anthology just released April 12th. The anthology has lots of quick short stories.  Can you tell us the names of each of your short story contributions, and what are they about?

[Anna]: My story is “Fair Play”. Ethan is thrilled when he gets a fantastic job as a PA straight out of Uni. He’s less thrilled when he learns that the reality of the job is not taking notes and booking appointments, and more about putting up with his boss Vincent Berk’s constant abuse.

[Rob]: My story is titled “Skype Wars”, a comic office romance that starts off on Skype and eventually escalates beyond mere typing and camming. Because, come on, there’s only so much you can do with a handful of emoticons.

What theme in your erotic shorts set them apart from the rest? Is there something special you each put into your particular stories that readers should look forward to?

[Anna]: The idea came from thinking about my own experiences of the workplace and conversations I’ve had with friends. I think we’ve all had a boss who seemed to hate us for no reason. It’s a miserable situation when you’re experiencing it in real life but in “Fair Play” it works out for the best for Ethan.

[Rob]: All my novels and the vast majority of my short stories utilize humor and romance to help move the story along. “Skype Wars” is no exception.

Do either of you have your own coffee break fantasy from a menial job? What about that secret flame for a co-worker? Any work-related tidbits from your life you can share in celebration of your book release?

[Rob]: Um, not without royally pissing off my beloved husband, who probably holds some sort of record for the most books dedicated to him: seven and counting.

[Anna]: I’m very boring here as well, I’m afraid. I’ve been in a monogamous relationship with my very lovely partner for over nine years now. We have worked in the same office before, but we never got up to anything more exciting than working. Certainly not anything like in “Fair Play”.

It’s great that the two of you have such fantastic supporters in your partners! What television show comes up most at your water cooler conversations?

[Rob]: We’re a cerebral lot. So CNN. And, uh, okay, the Real Housewives franchise. Fine, and Project Runway. And, well, Ru Paul’s Drag Race. But on an intellectual level, of course.

[Anna]: At the moment, it’s The Walking Dead. Mostly shameless fangirling over Daryl.

If readers want to find out more about you guys and your work, where can they find you?

[Anna]: I have a very spartan Livejournal, which I’m in the middle of populating. I also have a Goodreads account.

[Rob]: Please visit me at www.therobrosen.com!

Thanks for stopping by!

Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies – Now available from Storm Moon Press for $3.99 (ebook)

coffee break quickiesAh, the allure of the office romance. The sly smiles across the room as you wonder if anyone else knows. The danger of being caught by the boss. The thrill of those stolen moments in the copy room or supply closet. It’s this feeling that we’ve condensed, distilled, and captured in the short shorts of Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies. We’ve compiled thirteen brief tales of men and women getting it on with a co-worker or a boss in a steamy office romance.

Some of them are established and have been sneaking around the office for some time, like Lori Hunt and her P.A. Ms. Lovell in She’s the Boss or Tom and Neal in Personal Assistance. Others, like The New Guy‘s Greg and Eli or the awkwardly-named Rebecca A. and Rebecca B. from Tele-Romance are just beginning to experience the allure that can come from keeping the secret. Nor are such trysts confined to the office itself, spilling out into stairwells, copy rooms, gyms, and even computer server rooms. Whatever the case, though, they’re sure to arouse your imagination, and maybe even leave you looking at your own co-workers a little bit… differently.

Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies includes:

  • Skype Wars by Rob Rosen
  • Hands On by K. Piet
  • One Week by L. Alonso Corona
  • Working Lunch by Ann Anderson
  • Personal Assistance by K. Lynn
  • She’s the Boss by Angel Propps
  • The New Guy by John Amory
  • Stair Walking by Harper Bliss
  • 1-800-BOREDOM by Raven de Hart
  • Fair Play by Anna Hedley
  • His Nonexistent Coffee Break by Lor Rose
  • Tele-Romance by Erik Moore
  • Three Strikes by Piper Vaughn