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It’s only been a couple months since all hell broke loose in Tristan Janick’s life. Now he’s the lost prince of the Lycan race, married to his best friend even though they’re not Twin Flames, responsible for hundreds of Lycans where his pack used to only consist of he and Ushna, his magic is growing, the current political structure of the Lycan race is crumbling, and to top it all off, he now has about seven weeks until he delivers the twins. His back hurts, he’s always hungry, his mood changes with the wind, and his beast is forced to the forefront more often than usual. But strangest of all are the dreams.

The dreams of Twin Flames, Nakita and Angelo, and of Seth and his deceitful Twin Flame hit closer to home than Tristan would have expected. In his dreams, he is Seth and Nakita and Angelo are trying to convince him to claim them, that they belong together. But when he wakes, Tristan is only able to remember bits and pieces of the dreams. He feels the dreams are significant in some way, but he keeps what he does remember and his urgent feelings about he dreams from Ushna in hopes that they are simply dreams.

In the meantime, Jory and Stan, two of Tristan, Ushna, and Gregori’s best friends, show up on the ranch only to reveal an hidden animosity that may tear the five apart before they can even be reunited. With so many people coming to the ranch and joining the pack, Tristan has to keep a close inner circle that he trusts. He wants to add Jory and Stan to the group, but maybe too much time has passed to pick up where they left off.

A trip to Georgia, the hub of the Lycan world, is being planned before the babies are born to take care of Tristan’s ex’s estate, which was left in his control, and to address the Lycan Council, to reveal his rightful place as future king. Before they can leave, security measures have to be set in place. The longer it takes to keep them safe, the more activity floods the ranch. Missing lycans, Theo’s children, assassins, a new legion of warriors, mysterious magical rings, new enemies, and a group of new Magi all add to a growing list that Tristan must take care of with Ushna’s help.

Protecting his family and his pack is his priority, but his destiny is calling and if he doesn’t listen he may end up losing it all.

Yay! I love this series. I’m so excited to dive back into Tristan’s world and his mind. Dreams of the Forgotten is the third book in Lexi Ander’s Sumeria’s Sons series. And this entire series has kept me on the edge of my seat since the beginning, and by the end of each book I just want more.

Like the previous two books in this series, Dreams of the Forgotten is fast paced, full of intensity, and full of information. A lot happens in this book, some things are resolved within these pages and others are certain to be resolved in future installments. More questions have been added, secrets I never saw coming are revealed, new enemies are discovered, and new allies are welcomed. It’s an exciting ride from beginning to end.

I still love Tristan. He’s stronger than ever, more determined to protect his family. He’s far from selfish. He’s caring and open. He leads with a strong hand, but is compassionate. He’s always willing to listen to those he loves and trusts for their opinion. His love and desire for Ushna have not swayed. Ushna is still Tristan’s rock. He’s still the quiet strength behind the ruler. He’s got the patience of a saint and the biggest heart of all. We see a lot of Ushna in this story and I really like that. We finally get his take on his lost Twin Flame and how it relates to his relationship with Tristan. I’m loving the development of both characters as well as their relationship.

As with every installment in this series, the world that Ander has created continues to grow and expand by leaps and bounds. It’s an interesting world with new races and factions added to the works. Magic continues to grow and make its mark in this story. New and strange magic is discovered and tested. And make no mistake; everything that is revealed within this story and the previous ones has meaning – hidden or otherwise.

My only complaint, without giving too much away, is the one thing I’ve wanted to happen from book one has finally shown promise, but it still hasn’t come to pass. If you’ve been reading the series, you probably know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, you will when you read it. I have hope that it finally happen in the next installment.

Dreams of the Forgotten has proved to be a wonderful addition to an already exciting and entertaining series. If you’ll recall, Ander’s Sumeria’s Sons series was one of my series of 2012 and, with this book, it continues to remain one of my favorites. This story is jam-packed full of fun and excitement. I look forward to continuing the adventure that this story has proven to be. I highly recommend Dreams of the Forgotten by Lexi Ander.

Note: Dreams of the Forgotten is the third book in this series. This series is meant to be read in order. Reading the books out of order will only lead to confusion.

This cover by Lee Tiffin is my favorite of the covers so far. First of all, Tristan is more beautiful on this cover than he has been on the previous covers (maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones), and Ushna is so sexy with less of a scowl. I won’t give away the secret of the third person on the cover, but all of it together makes for a mysterious, beautiful cover.

Sumeria’s Sons in chronological order:

Review: A New Beginning: Sumeria’s Sons #2.1 by Lexi Ander
Rating: 4 stars
Length: Short Story

Gregori Borchetta has watched Captain Juan Ybarra since he showed up on the ranch, but Gregori has kept his distance for fear of Juan being hurt. Before making his way to the ranch and back to his best friends, Gregori isolated himself, set himself apart from the pack and the Magi College. His past and his fears haunt him to this day, and getting close to Juan just adds to his fear of losing someone else in his life. After a serial killer attacks the pack, Juan refuses to be held at arm’s length any longer. To keep Juan safe, Gregori tells of the danger that will eventually follow him to the pack’s doorstep in hopes of pushing him away. But will Gregori be able to walk away from Juan so easily?

This short is a free story in Silver Publishing’s January edition of Silver Shorts. Where all of the stories in this series have been in Tristan’s POV, this story is Gregori’s. I loved learning a little of Gregori’s history. It’s a very short and sweet insight into a key player in this series. Gregori wars with himself, struggling with his past, his fears and his cowardice. I love his compassion and for the pack. And Juan with his unwavering strength and fierce loyalty, his refusal to be pushed away no matter what, he’s such a wonderful partner. I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that he is Gregori’s future mate.

Rumor is this will not be the only short of Gregori’s and I look forward to getting more of his story. I wouldn’t hate a longer story with Gregori at the forefront. If you have read Ander’s Sumeria’s Sons series or are planning on reading it, you won’t want to miss Gregori and Juan in A New Beginning. 

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