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Length: Short Story

After Dorian’s birthday party/orgy, Gabriel finds himself in the midst of a strange dream about an old lover of Dorian’s and their volatile relationship. A dream in which Joshua, Dorian’s former lover, is suffering severely. Several strange things happen in his dream, but Gabriel is unable to piece them together before he wakes up. And when he does wake up, he can’t really remember the dream.

When Gabriel realizes that he is alone in bed after such a strange night, he and Michael go in search of Dorian who he finds entertaining an old friend. After Dorian treats Gabriel poorly, Michael takes offense and pushes his way into Gabe’s body to give Dorian a piece of his mind. Michael is surprised to find out that Dorian knew about him the entire time, and even more surprised when Dorian uses magic to force him from Gabriel’s body.

When Gabriel recovers from the possession and realizes what happened to Michael, Dorian has a lot to answer for. But Dorian turns the tables on Gabriel, and both men are forced to take some of their ghosts out of the closet.

The Immortal Symphony serial is progressing pretty well. In this episode, my interest is piqued even more than before. We learn a little of Dorian’s past, as well as Gabriel and Michael’s. There are a few questions that are raised that I am looking forward being answered. Whereas Dorian has so many secrets they’re driving me crazy, I finally feel like we’re making progress on his past and his hoard of secrets.

Dorian is still his vain, self-absorbed self, but there are cracks in his arrogant armor, and Gabriel seems to find those cracks. For some reason he has a vulnerable side when he is alone with Gabe, and I really like that vulnerability in him. Also, Dorian’s substance and alcohol abuse is hit upon in this episode. It is a subject that has left me twitchy and a little uncomfortable since the beginning. And even if a solid reason is not given for it yet, it leaves the door open to hope that there will eventually be an explanation.

My favorite part of this episode is the inclusion of Michael’s POV and his history. I have been intrigued by the mystery of Michael from the first episode. I love his protective nature and his attitude. He is possible the sanest, most level-headed of the entire cast. And his past is expanded upon although there is still not a reason given as to why he’s attached to Gabe, but, again, I feel that there is a reason for it that will be given later in the serial.

And finally Gabriel has found his voice. When his twin and their bond are threatened, Gabriel finally stands up to Dorian. I was so happy to see him with a backbone. He still has a way to go to not be so easily manipulated by Dorian, but he’s making progress. He’s finally figured out that there is something not quite right about Dorian. Only time will tell what Gabriel will do about it.

The world-building is opening up even more. I knew all along that some sort of magic was involved, but now it’s more defined, given more of a life and rules. The introduction magi and glyphs, as well as being able to see and banish ghosts, are new and exciting. This world is shaping up to be fun and quite mysterious.

This episode is incredibly exciting from dreams of past lovers to secrets being revealed. I have so many questions now and hate when each episode ends, especially this one since it has turned out to be my favorite so far. With each installment of this serial, I am more and more intrigued and as always I cannot wait to see what these authors have for us in the future.

The Melody (Immortal Symphony Bonus) by S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet
Rating: 4 stars
Length: Free Short

The Melody is a bonus short from Armstrong and Piet that takes place prior to the magic and mystery that eventually gives Dorian eternal life and beauty. This bonus gives readers a brief period within a day in the life of Dorian and Basil before jealousy, envy, vanity, and greed became part of the picture. It was most interesting to see this Dorian, not so self-obsessed, but more interested in his music and his infatuation with the older artist. It’s a very sweet, less manipulative, almost innocent (but not quite) Dorian, which is refreshing compared to the Dorian we see in the Immortal Symphony serial.

I really enjoyed this brief look into Dorian’s past. It was nice to finally be introduced to the Basil of Dorian’s memories, and I hope there will be more of him in the future, whether it is by means of bonus stories or through the serial episodes. I’m pretty much just taking everything I can get of this serial and enjoying each moment of it. This charming interlude of the Immortal Symphony serial serves to show us where it all began and now I’m looking forward to seeing how Dorian and Basil’s relationship plays out through the eyes of Armstrong and Piet.

Note: The Melody is available as part of the Immortal Symphony season pass that can be ordered on the Storm Moon Press website.

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