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Length: Novella

Century after century, an ancient vampire rises with the intent of creating an army and enslaving the human population. And century after century, an ancient warrior manifests with a mission to defeat the vampire, subsequently saving the young human race. With each reincarnation their attraction to one another burns hotter. The vampire and the warrior, lovers whose relationship and passion for one another span eternity, sharing memories and carnal pleasures of the past. Yet each return must end the same. The warrior must kill the vampire in order to restore balance to the world and save humankind. But when killing his lover time after time begins to take a toll on the ancient warrior, will he make the choice to sacrifice the entire human race in order to keep the vampire, the man that he loves?

Nights in Canaan is not your teenager’s sparkly vampire tale. This story is unlike any in the vampire world I’ve read, and I’ve read plenty. Kendall McKenna takes the road less travelled with this story. It’s a story filled with passion and heartache. It’s a beautiful story of eternal love, duty ,and honor. It is instantly captivating and very entertaining. I couldn’t get enough of this entire book.

The world that McKenna has created is engrossing and dark and passionate and completely unique. The reincarnation of the vampire, the manifestation of the warrior, the creation of a vampire army, the various time periods that are shown in this book – McKenna leaves nothing out. All bases are covered. The history of the vampire and warrior, and the role they each play is wonderfully detailed. It is all wonderfully written, and I found it easy to lose myself in this world.

I adore both the warrior and the vampire in each reincarnation. The beauty of their relationship is that they are enemies, on different sides of right and wrong, yet they love each other deeply and passionately. They are conflicted and beautifully created. The warrior is very engaging. He displays a strong sense of duty and honor, while also portraying very human emotions – love, fear, and confusion. The ancient vampire is carnal and dark in a way that only bad boys can be. He has a role to play but he also wants his lover for eternity. I was taken in by both characters immediately.

I was sad to see this story end. I wanted more of the warrior and the vampire. I wanted more of their love. But it is an amazing story with a perfect ending. It’s not a secret that Kendall McKenna has become one of my go to authors. She writes stories that are engaging and beautiful. Nights of Canaan is all of that and then some. I love everything about this story and highly, highly recommend it.

Cover: There could not be a more perfect cover for this story than this creation by Deana C. Jamroz. It’s beautiful and the vampire is absolutely too sexy for words.

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