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Tackett Austin is feeling his age.  At 45-years old and after many years on the scene, he is feeling restless and oddly out of sorts, especially after the recent collaring of his friend Ty.  Tackett still enjoys being a Dom, but hasn’t found anyone who really sparks his interest or inspires much excitement lately.

Micah Slayde knows exactly what he wants however.  As a bartender at the Guards of Folsom club, Micah has seen Tackett around many times and wants nothing more than to be his sub.  Micah is adorable and flirty and makes it very clear to Tackett that he wants him.  But Micah is also flighty and a bit scattered and needs (and wants) a full-time Dom.  But Tacket isn’t so sure he is interested in that type of commitment.  Even after years on the scene, he rarely plays with the same man twice and never enters into lifestyle relationships.  But Micah is persistent, and with the encouragement of some friends he trusts, Tackett decides to give things a trial run.

Both men are crazy attracted to one another, but Tackett is still not sure he can give Micah what he needs.  Micah has ADHD and has a hard time staying focused and quieting his brain.  Tackett knows Micah needs someone to concentrate on, someone who can help Micah focus.  And despite Micah’s insistence, Tackett is not certain he is the right man for the job.  The more time the men spend together, the stronger their feelings become.  But they must figure out if there is a way that both men can be what the other truly wants a needs to make things work in the long term.

I was super excited for this book from the second I saw the cover.  I mean, have you looked at this thing? It is like drool-worthy hot (and for more deets on the cover and a reveal of the next cover model in the series, see my interview with Jo from last week).  So it took me about .2 seconds to decide I wanted to pick this one up.

In addition to the cover though, I was intrigued by the idea of Micah and his struggles with ADHD, and how that would affect him in his role as a submissive.  I think this is an interesting idea to explore, how someone with such a busy brain can handle the extreme focus of being a 24/7 submissive, and whether that role helps or hurts his efforts to calm his mind and keep his focus.  And here we see how in fact Micah learning to be a good submissive also helps him with his ADHD.  Tackett really helps Micah learn to isolate his focus, to be less fidgety, and put all his attention on Tackett to keep Micah’s mind from wandering.  I am not sure that I 100% buy this as the magic fix, but I can really see how this type of training and lifestyle really helps Micah.

I also couldn’t help but totally loving Micah, for all his bratty, sometimes out of control self.  He is adorable and full of excitement and energy.  I enjoyed seeing Micah slowly figure out what he needs from Tackett.  Not just what he thinks he wants and what he believes his role to be. But to really understand himself, Tackett, and what their relationship can give him that he needs.  Tackett for his part is a thoughtful Dom, who sometimes feels at a loss of how to best reach Micah.  I sort of like that break from the common “all knowing Dom” syndrome of many BDSM books. We see Tackett struggle with how to reach Micah, and even wonder if he truly can.  I liked that both these guys grow together over the course of the story as they figure out what they want and need and how they can get them together.

I did quibble a bit with the unflinching certainly Micah had that Tackett was the guy for him.  Yes, he asked around, learned about Tackett and what he is like.  But from page one Micah is sure that he is meant to be with Tackett and that Tackett is the one man who can truly make him happy. I just needed more to understand where this all was coming from.  How does he know all this when the men have had so little interaction besides a little flirting? I guess I just needed to understand where this conviction was coming from and see it was based on more than appearances to buy this all in commitment Micah has from the very start.

So I definitely enjoyed this one and am so excited for the remainder of the series.  Peterson shared some hints of what is to come in the next book in her recent guest post and I am so intrigued at the direction this is all going.  I really liked this one and think it is a great and really enjoyable story.


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