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Bowen Murphy was hurt when he found out – from the mail lady, no less – that his best friend, Dylan Sunday enlisted in the Marines. The argument between Bo and Dylan that followed ended in a kiss that shocked them both. Bo had wanted Dylan for as long as he could remember, but never said anything for fear of losing his best friend. And Dylan felt the exact same way. Their first fumbling attempt at lovemaking leads to a night to remember for both boys knowing in their hearts that their relationship is meant to be more than only a one night fling. Bo goes away to college to play football and Dylan leaves for the Marines, making promises to keep in contact as often as possible.

Six years later, Bowen is two years into his NFL career and has worked hard to make it to the Super Bowl, but that pales in comparison to Dylan’s surprise showing at the biggest game of the year. The scene to follow – a fierce hug coupled with tears from both men – will make headlines the following day, but Bo could care less. When the game ends, Bo and Dylan pick up where left off. The love between them is still true and stronger than ever before. But they have chosen different paths and led different lives – Bo, an NFL golden boy, and Dylan, a Marine hero.

They only have one week together before Dylan has to report for duty, and they want to make the most of the few days they have together. As their week comes to a close, Dylan and Bo make plans for their future. And when fate makes other plans for them, Bo and Dylan must face their worst fears, hoping that their love is strong enough to conquer all.

I am so very happy to introduce you to the first all-new Mercy Celeste book of the year. Six Ways from Sunday is a wonderful story of first loves, true love, and unconditional love. It’s a wonderful friends-to-lovers story of two men destined to be together, so much so that small things such as time and distance do not dampen their feelings for one another. And it has become yet another of my favorite books by Mercy Celeste.

I feel repetitive in all of my of my reviews of this author’s work to commend the fabulous characterization, the lovable characters, but here I am again doing so. Even as young men, Bowen (I love that name) and Dylan immediately captivating. But as men, the strength they carry, both physically and emotionally, is beautiful. They are both formidable men – one a Marine and the other a NFL tight end. Their bond of friendship gives them a foundation. Their unfailing love for one another makes them even stronger. And, Lord, their chemistry is off the charts – their lovemaking steamy, but also very sweet.

I was set to give this story a lower rating, not by much mind you, because the plot brings is a wonderful love story in itself, but I thought it was a common friends-to-lovers story…until that scene. (You’ll know that scene when you get to it.) That will teach me to doubt this author ever again. Celeste has a way of surprising me when I least expect it, and she did so in this book. The twist near the end took me by surprise and made an already sweet and beautiful love story even better and kicked the emotional feel of the story to a different level. Through this author’s words, readers are taken on a wonderful journey of love and heartbreak, of hope and fear. I felt each emotion as if I were part of the story. I will warn you to have a box of tissue nearby because the heartache will come and the tears will flow. I want to talk about the ending – how beautiful it is, how perfect – but I don’t want to give too much away. Just know that where it could have been cheesy, it was made to feel realistic and beautiful.

One of the things I love the most about this story is the realism. The true to life NFL vs. homophobia. The misunderstandings and stereotypes. The secret life of a Marine. The honor and the day to day fear. Homophobia in families. This book is full of real life situations that are not easy to face, but combined by this author create a story filled with heart-wrenching emotion. And I loved every second of it.

I am so happy to have yet another Mercy Celeste story to add to my list of favorites. This story is one that is captivating from beginning to end. The love I felt for both characters only created a hope that their story would not end. With this fabulous story from Celeste, I can only look forward to what journey she will have for readers next. I highly recommend Six Ways from Sunday by Mercy Celeste.

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