test driveRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

The bad economy has led Sean Waters right back where he didn’t want to be — working for his father’s car dealership.  On the bright side, he gets to spend time with his long-time crush, dealership general manager Jackson Shaw.  Late one night, Jackson suggests to Sean that they test drive a sexy new sports car.  Jackson intends only to clear the tension between them, but instead the men end up admitting their attraction for one another and spend a steamy night together.  The next day both men realize it is a mistake. Sean’s father would have a fit if he found out his employees were sleeping together. The men are determined to stay apart for fear of losing their jobs, but the chemistry between them may just be too strong.

This is a fun, steamy short story with a nice dash of hot car porn.  Sean has been attracted to Jackson since he was just a teen, 20 years ago, and Jackson has been interested in Sean since he graduated college. So there is a lot of pent up longing between these two guys that they finally let go in a series of super sexy encounters. Witt does sexual tension so well and she brings it to this story as well.  I loved the parallels between their relationship and the car test drive.

Amazing how much a simple test drive could persuade someone to buy instead of just browsing. That was one of the things Dad hammered into all of us. Get the customer behind the wheel, and he’ll have a harder time walking away. Test driving a car changed the rules. It changed the game. It made the car feel like less of a product on a store shelf or a billboard. Changed a buyer to a driver, and a driver was more likely to sign on the dotted line.

The test drive of course parallels what is going on with Sean and Jackson.  Before they get together the first time, they are able to hold their feelings in check. But once they experience being together, it is almost impossible for them to stand being apart.

My main issue with the story lies within the central conflict.  These guys want to be together, but they know they will lose their jobs.  Jackson has worked there for over 20 years, and Sean desperately needs this job and hasn’t been able to find any others.  So the risks are huge for them.  And both men are clear that they are not in love with one another.  They are experiencing lust and attraction and the thrill of getting to know someone.  All of which makes sense for the short time they have been together.  But as Sean says:

This felt reckless and crazy, putting our livelihoods one the line for a fledgling fling that didn’t even qualify as a relationship.  Not yet at least.

And I couldn’t quite get past that either.  In a longer story with more time to develop the characters and their relationship to one another it could have been more believable.  But here I just found myself thinking they were a bit crazy.

But I still enjoyed this one. Like I said, fun, hot, car porn, and a nice read.

P.S. I like the cover but wish it had been a convertible to match the car they test drive.