Hi everyone! Today I am very excited to welcome author Brandon Shire to Joyfully Jay! Brandon is here to talk to us more about his new release, Cold.  And we are especially lucky today because Joyfully Jay has an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT to share with you guys.  Brandon also brought a copy to give away to one lucky reader, so be sure to leave a comment at the end of the post to enter.

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What the hell am I doing? Anderson asked himself. It was like he was watching a scene in one of those B-rated horror movies, where he was both the audience and the actor, and had no control over the ridiculousness that was about to unfold. Yes, run into a closet while being chased by a pyscho with a butcher knife instead of out the front door. Idiot!

He pushed the image from his head, realizing how comparable it was to his own circumstances. But he couldn’t help it. He’d been watching Lem more and more. His fear had been chiseled away by curiosity, his curiosity overcome by desire and his desire ended up waking him in the middle of the night with wanton lust. Night after night after night.

He grabbed his soap and shampoo with an unsteady hand. He spread his fingers over his locker, stared at them, and noted how they trembled. This was so stupid, so dangerous. But he watched that same hand snap his lock shut and watched as his body walked to the shower. Walked to be with a man who terrified him. A man he witnessed murdering another inmate with his bare hands. A man who could easily murder him.

I would never hurt you. He heard Lem’s voice in his head, saw the very words shimmer before his eyes. His brain knew they were words of deceit but his body kept moving, kept yearning.

Lem killed his brother; did he make the same kind of promise then, too? A brother’s love is a stronger bond than a prison fuck-boy, isn’t it?

He stared at the heavy tan shower curtain swaying in front of his hand. His brain turned and tumbled, the flat uninflected voice of logic weighing in against his desire and Lem’s promise.

“How many?” he finally asked, speaking into the shower. He knew there was only one person in the shower, just like he knew no one would disturb them once he stepped inside. They would have a few stolen moments together.

There was a small silence before a reply came from behind the heavy shower curtain.

“One,” Lem answered, curiosity and caution rippling through his voice.

Lem watched as Anderson watched. They both saw Anderson step in, take off his boxers, hang his towel, and place his toiletries on the floor near the furthest shower. There was no eye contact. But when Anderson turned and finally looked at Lem, there was no audience either. It was just the two of them, the audience was gone and Anderson was left naked with his fear.


coldPrison is a brutal, heartless, and demeaning environment. No one knows this better than a man sentenced to life in prison for murder. Lem Porter is a high-profile prisoner who had a solid career ahead of him in a field he loved until he killed his brother. He has spent almost eighteen years behind bars and doesn’t have much hope left.

Anderson Passero had it all.  He built a career, a name, and a relationship with a man he thought he loved. Only after he very publicly landed in prison did he realize how ignorant he’d been. He has eight months left on his sentence and he is eager to go home and put prison life behind him. He doesn’t know it yet, but he will always carry these eight months with him, and they may just help him to understand what love really means.


Brandon has brought a copy of Cold to give away to one lucky reader. Leave a comment below by Friday, May 17th at 11:59 pm EST to enter.

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