Hi guys! I am super excited today to kick off a new feature on the blog! In order to help folks find books they want to read, we are going to periodically develop lists of favorite books in a variety of specific genres or tropes.  (For more information, check out my post yesterday where I explained all of this in more detail.)

So I have been mulling this idea over for a while, but finally started to jump start it when I was reading Until Forever Comes by Cardeno C, a story that features a vampire and shifter pairing, and realized how much I like this trope, and how much I hear other people say they like it. There is something about this combination of creatures, both of whom thrive in the night. They are so often portrayed as enemies, as beings of such different natures, that combining them romantically often leads to fabulous results. So I thought that might be a fun topic to kick off our Favorite Books feature.

So here are the ones we have come up with so far:

[Last Updated: 1/2/20]

So do you all have any favorites in this genre?  I know there must be lots more!  If so, leave them in the comments and I will add them to our list!  You can also see a list of all our books tagged as vampire/shifter pairings.

P.S. Goodreads also has a list of m/m vampire/shifter books if you want to check it out