jaynewsHi guys! I just wanted to share with you all a bit about a new feature I am kicking off on the blog tomorrow.

As many of you know, we keep a bunch of Favorites lists that have lots of our top book recommendations.  This includes our Monthly Favorite Books, Monthly Favorite Covers, and Annual Favorites.  In addition, we periodically have lists of Favorite Books in a specific genre or trope surrounding one of our theme weeks (and all of these lists can be found under the Favorites tab on the red navigation bar).

So I was thinking about how often I am in the mood for something specific to read, or how people often ask me for book suggestions, and I thought it would be great if there was an easy place to go to get ideas.  So I thought it would be fun to expand our Favorite Books lists into a regular feature, where we could pick a topic, recommend some of our favorite books, and get you guys to share you favorites in this category as well.

I am hoping this will be come a regular post and think it will be a great way for readers to find suggestions on a specific genre or trope when they are in the mood for something and need some suggestion.  So tomorrow we will be kickstarting this feature with Favorite Books: Vampire and Shifter Pairings.  I hope you will all stop and share your ideas!


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