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“He didn’t need me to push his limits. What he needed was someone else to be in control. So I deprived him of some of his senses and allowed him to just feel with the others. It was sensual, hot, and incredibly erotic.”

And it was. This book, a new adventure by Andrew Grey, is incredibly sensual, hot, and erotic – at least the characters and the story of their relationship are. A Wild Ride has renewed my love for this author’s works. Not to say that I didn’t love the other books that I’ve read, but some were beginning to look alike. This book is a breath of fresh air, something completely new and different in the Andrew Grey collection.

When Dante Rivers finds himself in second place by two-hundredths of a point in the bull riding championship, he needs to blow off some steam. At the local bar where rodeo folk hang out, Dante meets Ryan Abbot. After a short game of pool filled with innuendo and double entendre, they end up in Ryan’s hotel room. But things don’t go as Dante planned. Ryan takes control and for some reason, Dante’s body wants to give over control even though his mind doesn’t understand why. Unable to face Ryan and the world of confusion after a night of passion, Dante leaves hoping to forget Ryan and the way the dominant man made him feel.

Ryan was disappointed when Dante left, and he was sure that he’d never see the bull rider again. So why can’t he stop thinking about him? For some reason, Ryan felt a connection with Dante that he hadn’t felt since his first college relationship ended horribly. He’d promised himself that he’d never give into his dominant tendencies again, but he can’t help but want that with Dante. But it shouldn’t matter because he’ll likely never see the man again. And even though he tries to move on, that night and Dante’s submissive nature are never far from his thoughts.

When his work partner gives him a client to contact, Ryan makes an appointment to meet the older gentleman on his ranch. The last thing he expects is to run into Dante, who happens to be the older man’s grandson. When he comes face to face with Ryan again, Dante is forced to face his confusion and insecurities. His strong feelings and attraction towards Ryan haven’t gone away, as much as he would like them to. Now Dante and Ryan have to decide how to proceed with a relationship amidst the homophobic world of bull riding as well as the changing but still homophobic state of Texas, all while taking care of Dante’s ailing grandfather and getting to know one another.

A Wild Ride is by far my favorite Andrew Grey book, to date. It’s exciting and sweet and sexy. It’s new a new and different subject by Grey. A story set in the vastly homophobic world of cowboys and the rodeo, it focuses on the life of a bull rider who is in control of every aspect of his life, but one, and the confusion and frustration and acceptance that follows. It’s a story of a man who is finding and accepting who he is and what it means. It’s seriously a great book.

Both of the main characters are strong, virile men – physically and mentally. Dante is a caretaker. He’s taken care of his grandfather since he was diagnosed with ALS, he runs his grandfather’s ranch, and he’s become a force to be reckoned with in his career as a bull rider. He takes control easily, but his need to give control to Ryan makes him feel like less of a man at first. He’s incredibly strong and once he stops fighting himself, he becomes even stronger. Ryan is confident and dominant without being domineering or controlling (outside of the bedroom). He’s incredibly supportive of Dante’s career and home life. As a couple, Ryan and Dante are two halves of a whole. They balance and support each other so perfectly. They’re definitely my favorite of Grey’s couples.

I enjoyed the inclusion of the BDSM aspect in this story. Ryan and Dante have an incredibly hot D/s relationship. It’s not one of masters and slaves. And it’s not one that extends out of the bedroom. But it is one of taking and giving up control – the two different sides of the fence. It’s a relationship based on trust and respect. And man, when these two are in the bedroom, they are beyond sexy, like the set-the-sheets-on-fire kind of hot.

And I really like the world of bull riding that this author presents. Outside of the homophobia, it’s rugged and sexy. It’s dirty and dangerous. Grey does a great job of putting readers on the seat of the bull with Dante, projecting the excitement and adrenaline rush. He also does a great job of placing readers in the shoes of a rider’s loved one, the fear of seeing the rider you love injured and the exhilaration felt when the rider makes it to the fence in one piece. I loved every second of it.

So, it’s obvious that A Wild Ride has taken a place in my favorites list. It’s brilliant. It’s real. It’s sexy. It’s sweet. It’s emotional. It’s fabulous. If you are a fan of Andrew Grey, you’ll love this book. If you’ve yet to read any of this author’s work, start with this one. I highly, highly recommend A Wild Ride by Andrew Grey. And I can’t wait for Jacky’s story.

Cover: I love this beautiful cover by L.C. Chase. It is sexy and completely perfect.

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