cowboys and vampiresRating: 5 stars
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Length: Novel

Ok, I’ll fess up…I might—might—have needed to turn on additional lights while reading Cowboys and Vampires by Hank Edwards.  And sure…there may have been that one moment when I asked hubby to check the closet before coming to bed.  And yes, I might have used just a few tissues the first time those two best friends made love.  So, okay, I might have also thrown my kindle across the room and sworn to hunt down author Hank Edwards and sit in his living room till he writes the sequel to this…really, really amazing novel.

Yes…I probably did all those things.  Cowboys and Vampires made me shiver, in all of the best ways.  Edwards takes a small town that sits on the edge of a near desert-like wasteland called Venom Valley and introduces the ultimate nightmare into its midst.  A renegade, bloodthirsty vampire who uses the local whore house as his personal feeding grounds and means to garner followers.  One spirited and spirit protected “half-breed” whore named Glory is able to resist Balthazar’s deadly charms and manages to escape.   She will become vital to this hair-raising story near the last of its pages.

Meanwhile the story opens with a young man, Josh, orphaned at a young age and taken in by the local school teacher, realizing that something has not only killed her, but that she is not really dead.  He feels it like a burning in his gut and knows that he cannot allow her to continue to rise and walk the earth.  After someone witnesses what appears to be Josh killing the school teacher, he takes off, knowing that the deputy sheriff and his best friend, Dex, will be coming to look for him.

The history between Josh and Dex goes way back and both men hide their true feelings for each other, will this be the very thing that will bring them together at last?

I flew through this story, could not put it down. Edwards is a consummate storyteller.  This novel embraces a bygone era where small towns sat in the middle of nowhere or wherever there was a gold rush and the law was the sheriff and his men.  No judge or jury—you were either guilty and hanged or innocent and lived to see another day.  So when Dex falls in love with the very person he should be hauling into jail, all hell breaks loose—including a vampire and his minions.

This novel had me by the throat in more ways than one.  Edwards writes some scary, heart pounding stuff and then infuses it with such humanity and yes, a love story to boot.  I was hooked and nearly died when I got to that ending…oh Mr. Edwards—you naughty, author you!

Dear readers, this was an incredibly fast-paced, action-packed and bite your nails kind of book and I cannot wait for the sequel—yes, it was that good!!  I highly recommend Cowboys and Vampires by Hank Edwards to you.   Just remember to keep the lights on…all of them.