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Brilliant!   I never use that term loosely.  It’s a huge word, carrying with it a great deal of weight.  But…brilliant is, indeed, the word I find rolling about my head again and again as I face the task of writing the review for Loving Hector by John Inman.

I am at a loss as to how to describe this novel.  To say it was funny is to actually do the incredible humor found on page after page a disservice.  To say that this was one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read is, again, somehow too weak a phrase for the extraordinary relationship between Dill and Hector, and, of course, Chester/Noodles—more about him, in a moment.  To say that this story carried within its delightfully zany plot the most stunning and hilarious cast of secondary characters ever written is to woefully misstate how amazing these realistically drawn pieces of gold impacted the overall story—at times, enriching it to the point that I wanted to cry out for sequels just to get more of these crazy cohorts!

And so, I am left with this:  Loving Hector was a brilliant character-driven love story that used just the right mix of humor, passion, and introspection to produce a five-star novel that I not only highly recommend but that I will read again…and yes, again.

Dill is a struggling writer with a mother who lives in denial of his homosexuality and a father who simply wants him to be happy.  He goes from one fast food restaurant job to another to support his rent and his love for books.  At the tender age of thirty he has never been in love and does not view that as a bad thing, but rather as something that may not ever happen…and, for the most part, he is okay with that fact.  When he has “needs,” he takes himself off to the local gay bar and finds someone to share a night with, easy come, easy go, until he meets Hector.  A small, beautiful Latino man who captures every part of Dill, instantly.

However, Hector is swept away by his cousins before Dill can even find out his name and that seems to be the end of that.  In fact, Dill drinks away the entire memory of their meeting until his memory is jogged by a cry in the dark—literally.  Enter, Chester, aka, Noodles.  After rescuing the little dog from the clutches of a pack of coyotes, Dill takes him home and instantly falls in love.  Unfortunately, Chester has an owner, and, wouldn’t you know, it is none other than the little Latino man from the bar.  Dill’s memories come back in a flash and he instantly recognizes that the things he is feeling are more than he has ever felt before—could it possibly be love?

Hector comes with a particularly bad history in former lovers, the last one of which is currently still stalking him after beating him and cheating on him.  Hector cannot saddle Dill with this man and his insane jealous anger, yet the more time he spends with Dill the less he can think of letting him go.

From this point on this crazy love affair takes wing and, oh dear reader, there were times when I laughed so hard I had to put the kindle down and just breathe for a minute—I loved this book.  There was such incredible spirit, emotion, and hilarity.  John Inman is a truly gifted writer.  He reaches into our hearts and souls and finds the best in each of us and wraps those pieces of beauty up into the most breath-taking characters to ever grace the page.

Oh, I could go on an on…but that would spoil the reading of this delightful novel for you.  Please, pick this one up—cherish it—it is a gift, I think.  And I thank John Inman for allowing me to visit his wonderfully crazy imagination.  Loving Hector—highly recommended.  Five stars!


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