miami moonRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

He would rediscover the man he once was, full of promise and potential. Only this time he’d do it alone, without the guilt and the badgering and the tragedy. It was time to wash himself clean and start over.

After hitching from Chicago to sunny Miami, Jason Cain is starting his life over, beginning now, with a clean slate in a city where no one knows him, no one wants anything from him, and no one has planned his life out for him. With no money, no food, and little more than the clothes on his back, Jason sets out to find a job. Finally he catches a break in a nightclub, Moon, when the bartender directs him down an alley to a red door where his life changes forever.

Taken by the strange man behind the red door, Jason is delivered to a mansion in the middle of the swamp only to meet his destiny. A strangely decadent man, Xavier says he wants to give Jason what he’s always wanted, but Jason must choose life or death. In life, he will gain everything that he felt he lost one tragic night in Chicago, he will gain powers he could only dream about, he could be a better healer than he ever thought possible. In death, he will be able to leave it all behind, forget his life, and forget what people have taken from him. But it’s his choice. Life or death.

Miami Moon is the first book in Geoffrey Knight’s Vampire’s Lair series. This is the second edition, re-edited and re-published by Wilde City Publishing for their erotica line.

Okay, to start off, this is not a romance. It’s not a book of happily-ever-after, or even happy-for-now. It simply ends happily. It’s an erotica/horror story through and through. That means it is super smexy and a little scary. It’s not angsty. There’s no overthinking anything. It’s a short, easy, fun and sexy read. It’s brain candy of the best kind.

I love that this story is Dracula meets the twenty-first century. It’s opulent, decadent, and scorching. Our vampire in this book, Xavier, is both scary and fiery hot. He’s a study of contradictions. He’s domineering, yet kind. He’s intimidating, yet approachable. You don’t know whether he’s a snake in the grass or a hero in disguise. And then we have Jason – unsure of his sexuality, unsure of himself, unsure of his future. He’s lost, broken, and alone. Xavier’s offer gives him purpose and hope. In this tale, he redefines himself. And we find he even has a little bit of hero in him.

Something I really like about Knight’s vampires is their purpose. They aren’t bloodsucking, vengeful creatures, and they aren’t teenage heart-throbs. They’re still scary, but they’re kind, and somewhat humane…ish. The way Mayfield spoke of them had me thinking “hippy.” But no, they’re not all hippy-like. They let their emotions guide them. They have purpose. They follow their destiny. But they still drink blood. They’re still frightening and domineering. They also have specials powers – healing, reading minds, etc. I love this world of scary meets helpful, of humanity meets horror. It’s a great world.

My only real quibble is that it was so short. I really wanted to see more of Jason’s journey, more of his healing. I wanted to see more of his future.

So, yeah, I really liked this one. It’s everything I hoped it would be. Brought to readers by an author who knows his stuff, and approved by an adult film star who likes his smut, Miami Moon is horror and smex at its finest. I recommend Miami Moon by Geoffrey Knight and look forward to the next Vampire’s Lair book.

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