fight for identityRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Will Martin is upset when he learns that his bigoted, racist father has banned the Sioux from his property – a place sacred to the Sioux, where, when Will’s grandfather was alive, they were free to worship and perform a traditional ceremony every summer. When Will meets Takoda, a beautiful Native American, praying at that sacred spot, he almost immediately gives permission to Takoda and the tribes to hold their summer ceremony on the land once again. Whether it was his attraction to the handsome man or the knowledge that his grandfather would have approved, it didn’t matter. Will knows it’s the right thing to do.

Takoda Red Bird treasures his tribe’s beliefs and teachings. Determined to practice his beliefs, Takoda continually breaks the rules set by the old man who owns Pe’Sla, the sacred land of his people. When Will gives permission for the tribes to meet at Pe’Sla once more, he seems sincere, but Takoda isn’t sure if he can trust him.

When Will’s father discovers that Will went against his wishes, he sets forth a plan to break up the land and sell each parcel at auction to the highest bidder. Outraged, Will joins forces with Takoda to find a way to stop the sale. As their attraction and subsequent relationship grow, Will finds himself in a position where he may one day have to choose between Takoda – the man that has his heart, the man he is quickly falling in love with – and his father – whom he loves, but doesn’t agree with. In the search for a healing for both his father and the tribes, Will finds himself and his passion in ways that he never could have imagined.

The Fight for Identity is the third book in Andrew Grey’s The Good Fight series. I really like this book. Again, Grey presents the Native American people and their culture in such a beautiful light. The research he puts behind these books is obvious and well appreciated. I enjoy experiencing the beliefs, daily lives, and traditions of this beautiful people through Grey’s stories.

I adore Takoda and his passion for what he believes and for life in general. He is a wonderful character. A warrior – stubborn, strong, and brave. He’s understanding and self-sacrificing. I absolutely love him. Will is a great character as well. He’s finding who he is in the face of adversity. He’s finding passion and reason to fight for what he believes in. He’s loving and forgiving. Takoda and Will are a well matched team – stronger together.

And this story – full of passion, full of fight, full of confusion and conflict – is a wonderful story. It’s a slower paced story, but beautiful nonetheless. The history and beliefs outlined in this story, the legends of the tribes, the realism of life in the reservation makes for such a beautiful, heartfelt setting. I enjoyed every second of culture in this book. It’s also a story of forgiveness and acceptance. It made me smile and had me in tears at the same time. It is beautifully written and an emotional, heartfelt story.

The Fight for Identity is a lovely prose of finding one’s self, of fighting for beliefs, of fighting for acceptance. Once again Andrew Grey has taken everyday characters, and given them purpose and beauty. I’ve enjoyed The Good Fight series in its entirety and I look forward to what Grey has in store in for this series in the future. Highly Recommended.

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