naughty boyRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Short story

The Naughty Boy is a short story set in the world of Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock’s amazing book, The Good Boy.  The story actually takes place within the time period of first book, specifically the day when Brin helps Lane get dressed up for his first big date with Derek (the hot sauce date).  Although we get some of this scene in The Good Boy, here it is much more developed as Brin starts off all excited about playing dress up with Lane.  Brin is his typical flirty, outrageous self, trying to draw Lane out and make him more comfortable. This is what Brin is good at — fun, flirty, sequins, and sparkle.  Lane begins to open up to Brin a bit, sharing a little about his relationship with Derek (and surprising Brin with how kinky he is!).

Things are going well until Brin accidentally sees Lane’s scars and tries to talk to him about it. But Lane doesn’t want to open up about what happened.  Brin begins to worry that maybe he is nothing more than his flirty outrageous side, that maybe this is the reason that his past relationships haven’t worked out, that maybe no one really takes him seriously.  All this sends Brin into full on brat mode, something at which he excels.  But his boyfriend (and Dom) Ferg knows that something is wrong, and is determined to reach Brin and show him how special he really is.

So I can tell you that there was no way I wasn’t grabbing this one immediately because I adored The Good Boy totally and completely.  And Brin the brat was such a fabulous addition to that book that I couldn’t resist a short story where he is featured prominently.  I absolutely loved revisiting these characters, and even seeing a more in depth version of the “dress up Lane” scene.  Here not only do we see more detail, but we really get Brin’s side of things and get to see how despite his outward persona, inside he sometimes has some doubt about how others perceive him.  He worries people just see him as someone fun and silly and sparkly, and not as a real person and a true friend.  Even though he understands Lane’s reticence to talk, it still upsets him, especially because he is so worried about Lane.

I loved the way we see how Ferg is able to hone in right away that something is bothering Brin, and that he doesn’t give in to Brin’s brattiness, but forces him to really open up about his feelings rather than covering them up.  I liked getting this bit of insight into their dynamic and the way these guys relate to one another.  I did wish for a bit more kink as that is what these guys are great at. But I also understood that Ferg is really trying to show Brin how important he is to him, not just cover up the problem with sex.

This story was so much fun and just really hit the spot for me. I think it is going to be a better fit for people who have read the first story because it is too short to really set up the relationship dynamics totally for a newcomer.  But trust me, if you loved The Good Boy like I did, you will not want to miss this one.  So pick it up and enjoy Brin in all his bratty, sparkly glory.  Great story!


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