dirty dragRating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

Ashley is dressed in drag, set out to prove that he can pass for a woman after his friend Jared said he can’t. So Ashley gets himself all dressed up in his wig, mini skirt, and stiletto heels and tries out a new bar where no one knows him.  When the gorgeous Rick approaches, Ashley is definitely interested, but he knows it is only a matter of time before Rick realizes he is really a man.  So Ashley is determined to pull out all the stops to quickly seduce Rick before he figures it out.  Rick wants them to get to know each other first, but Ashley is very convincing, and soon the guys are engaged in a hot bathroom encounter.  But as it turns out, Rick knew Ashley was a man all along (something we learn early on but Ashley doesn’t realize).  And Rick is determined that with the connection between them, there can be more than just one night together.

So this short story was actually released as a series of three even shorter stories and now has been combined into one book available for free.  The first story focuses on Rick and Ashley’s initial meeting and bar hookup.  The second takes place later that night at Rick’s house, and the third is a little later as they meet up once again.  The sections pretty much lead one into the other and for the most part it reads as one long story.

So as you can see by the rating, I was a bit mixed on this one.  I picked it up because I enjoy stories with heroes who are cross dressers, drag queens, and other assorted gender benders. The story also promised to be light and a bit quirky, which appealed to me as well.  I think Adams does well in both these areas. Finding books featuring men in drag can be rare and I enjoyed this aspect of the story, especially how Ashley prepped for his night out and some of the details of his outfit. I particularly liked that Ashley and Rick shared a fetish for high heeled shoes. And I appreciated even more Rick’s ease with Ashley blurring the gender lines and that he finds Ashley hot in women’s clothes, men’s clothes, or a combination of the two. I also found the story to be light and easy and Ashley especially to a little quirky and irreverent, which I enjoyed.

But unfortunately other aspects of this book just didn’t work for me so well.  First off, I found the set up a little muddled.  We learn that Ashley is at the bar because his friend Jared didn’t believe he could pass as a woman and Ashley wants to prove him wrong. But Jared isn’t there, so who is he proving it to? We are also told that Ashley isn’t really into drag and finds it sort of a pain, so he only does it occasionally.  What he really likes is wearing high heels, but while his friends have no problem with him in drag, if he just wore heels they “would ask all kinds of questions and act like he was a freak for having a fetish for wearing woman’s shoes.”  So first of all, nice friends. But second, Ashley doesn’t really like drag, only rarely dresses in drag, yet spends hours looking for an out of the way bar where no one knows him to try to pass for a woman to prove to his friend  who isn’t there that he can.  The set up just felt a little shaky to me and I could never really buy into it.

Then when Rick approaches, Ashley is wary that Rick will discover that Ashley is a man. So he sets about to get Rick’s dick into his mouth as fast as possible so Rick won’t figure it out first.  Ashley has no problem getting sexually involved with this guy while intentionally leading him to believe he is a woman? As it turns out, Rick already knows and is hot for Ashley regardless (or because of it), so it is sort of a non-issue, but it did bug me a bit that Ashley was willing to go that far and still not tell Rick the truth.

Things smooth out over the rest of the story, but not a whole lot happens here besides lots of sex. Ashley essentially throws himself nonstop at Rick, spouting out endless sexual innuendos every other sentence. Everything Rick says, Ashley is able to turn into a statement about how much he wants to blow Rick or do other lascivious things. At first I got a kick out of Ashley’s forthrightness, but honestly after a while I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at how over the top it all was. Ashley just never felt like a real person to me, just an act. Even after he is out of drag and they are having a date, it just felt like everything was a show, which made it hard for me to really understand much about him. Rick isn’t super developed either, mostly because these guys pretty much just go from one sexual encounter to the other. There just really isn’t enough plot here to advance anything enough to buy a connection between them other than sexual. Yet while they are still at the bar the first night, Rick is already thinking he wants this to the first of many nights together or maybe even a relationship.

So I wished this worked a little better for me as I think these guys had potential to be a really interesting couple.  I did really enjoy the explorations of drag and the gender bending side of things and think Adams has a nice style and can capture the quirkiness and the humor well.  Amy recently reviewed another short story by this author and loved it, so maybe this just wasn’t a good match for me.  But even as a short story, this one just needed more plot and character development for me to get engaged.  However, this is a free story on both Smashwords and Amazon, so if it sounds like it is up your alley, I definitely encourage you to give it a try.


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