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Kieran Addison left home, and the country, to avoid having to see the one man he couldn’t get off of his mind – his brother’s boyfriend, Jordan. Two years ago, after his brother’s tragic death, Kieran and Jordan shared a kiss that had Jordan running back to London filled with guilt and shame. When he finds out that his father is too ill to work and Jordan, the only person keeping Addison Construction going, has been hurt, Kieran flies back to Vermont to help take care of his family. And things are worse than he imagined. His father has severe health issues, the company is barely hanging on financially, and Jordan is always around.

Jordan Salter isn’t sure what he feels. He loved Ben Addison with all his heart. Ben was his best friend and lover for most of their lives. But Kieran had a place in the back of his mind. Jordan was Kieran’s first kiss and something sparked even way back then. Now Kieran’s back and Jordan isn’t sure he wants him there. Jordan has taken care of the Addison family when Kieran couldn’t be bothered. Why can’t Kieran go back to his life in London?

When his father signs over the company to Kieran, his sister, and Jordan, a tentative friendship sparks between the two men. Working closely together only strengthens their friendship and forces them to examine their feelings for one another. If only they can move beyond the mistakes and ghosts of their pasts, maybe they can finally discover that they were meant to be together.

Have you ever read an R.J. Scott book? If so, you know the strong level of engagement that she brings with each story, the loveable characters, and the lovely happily-ever-afters. This book is all of the above and more. Scott is an artist.  Back Home is, by far, my favorite of her works. The story is angsty and heartbreaking and full of hope and healing. It is so poignant and beautiful. It’s a book full of ups and downs and is near impossible to put down once you start reading. It’s a story of unrequited love and sacrifice. It’s a work of beauty. I was enthralled from beginning to end.

I love how Scott gets into the minds of both of these characters and makes them so perfect. Kieran is a man on the run. Running from his past. Running from the man he’s loved as long as he can remember. Running from shame and guilt. He’s a broken man living the best he way he knows how, by avoiding everything that reminds him of home and Jordan. But he’s also compassionate and loyal. And he does what he does to protect his family – at least in his mind. Jordan lives day-to-day taking care of the family that practically adopted him as a kid. He is honorable and devoted. And he feels that he’s somehow failed them with the death of Ben. He’s also broken, but in a much different way. They are two broken heroes who, by simply being in one another’s life, help heal each other. They are beautiful, heart-wrenching, passionate characters. I’m head over heels for both.

I absolutely adore Back Home. In fact, it’s a book I’d recommend to just about anyone. It’s heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. The story that Scott tells is a hard one of love lost and love found. It’s a bittersweet and poignant story, but it’s also beautiful, sweet, and perfect. I highly, highly recommend Back Home by R.J. Scott.

Note: This book was original released by Silver Publishing and now has been re-released by Total-E-Bound

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