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As teens, Law and Styx were lost boys, taken in by a caring man when they had no place else to go.  They quickly fell for one another, but when Styx’s past came crashing back into his life, he was forced to leave Law behind.  And unfortunately, even years later and although he is now a CIA agent, Styx’s past is still haunting him as his father is determined to kill him and anyone important to him.

Law never really emotionally recovered from Styx leaving him, and years later is still struggling to move on.  But now he has found someone, a young cop name Paulo, with whom there might be a chance for a real future.  But when the case with Styx’s father escalates, Law finds himself drawn back into the orbit of this charismatic man for whom he still has real feelings.  At the same time, Law cares deeply for Paulo as well. With feelings for both men, Law can’t even begin to consider giving either of them up.  And as the three men spend time together, it becomes clear that there is a real connection among all of them.  And after long days in the safe house hiding out from the assassins and formulating a plan to stop Styx’s father, they begin to accept it may actually be possible for a future for all of them together. But before that can happen, they must finally stop the threat to their lives and end the situation with Styx’s father once and for all.

Bound by Law is the second book in the Men of Honor series and the second one I have read.  I picked it up because I was craving a good, sexy menage and one of my awesome readers, Darlene, was good enough to suggest it.  And of course, being the impatient crazy person I am, as soon as it got into my head, I needed to read it RIGHT AWAY.  So despite the fact that I haven’t read the first book in the series, I jumped right in. Now my regular readers probably know that isn’t so common for me.  I have major series OCD and I can count on about one hand the number of series where I read the books out of order. But since the other book I read in this series was #5 (Bound for Keeps) and that went well, I figured I’d give it a shot.

So let me start by saying I really liked this one. I had a total itch for a hot and sexy menage story and this one totally satisfied.  These three men are super steamy together and Jakes really handles menage stories well.  We could really see how these men fit together, why they are so good for one another, and why an unconventional threesome actually works among them.  They are all big, tough, strong men, each with hard core jobs (CIA, former military, and cop). And these three guys are all suffering from MAJOR Daddy issues. Each one is the child of a truly abhorrent father (like murderous child abuser, cruel assassin, and abusive cop kind of abhorrent).  Yet each man managed to break free of that cycle of violence and evil, managed to overcome the pain and struggle from their early lives and to make something of themselves.  I found myself really rooting for them and so glad to see them find happiness with each other.

This story also has a nice suspense plot woven in, though most of the focus is on the relationship side of things.  I did wish for a bit more of the thrills through the middle of the book, and found the climax a little bit flat.  But the early parts of the book were particularly exciting and I like the way that Jakes pulls in all these different agencies and organizations and gets them working together within the series.

I will throw out that if I had to do it again, I’d probably have started with the first book in the series rather than jumping in at #2.  While Bound for Keeps stood alone really well, Bound by Law is very intertwined with characters and a storyline that begins in the first book.  Jakes does a nice job of filling us in, but I did find the first part of the story a little hard to follow as I tried to catch up on past events and relationships from the first book.  I only mention this because I would recommend you all read them in order, but I don’t fault the author for my confusion.  Whenever you read a series out of order, especially one with interconnected characters and overarching plot arcs, you are risking some trouble following along.  But once I got past the initial 20-30%, I had not problem keeping up.

So I am really excited about this series and definitely planning on going back and filling in the gaps with the ones I have not read.  It is exciting and sexy and really well done and I am really looking forward to more.  If you like some good hot alpha males with nice suspense thrown in, I’d definitely check this series out.

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