buried bonesRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

It been about three weeks since Dylan Warner and Chris Nock barely escaped death at the hands of Dylan’s werewolf ex-boyfriend, Andy.  Almost getting killed and Chris learning that Dylan too is a werewolf was almost enough to end things between the two men, but now they are back together and even stronger.  Although Chris still has his house next door, he and Dylan are basically living together.  They spend wonderful days together restoring Dylan’s house and have found both love and happy companionship.  Even things with Dylan turning into a wolf once a month go better than expected, as they are quickly able to assuage Dylan’s fears that he will hurt Chris in wolf form.

So while things are going great in their relationship, all is not trouble free as the men face several outside problems.  For one, Chris’ father Jimmy reappears in his life for the first time in years, and Chris must figure out if he can forgive the abandonment that left him alone with an addict mom and her series of abusive boyfriends.  Dylan and Chris also find themselves in conflict with Andy’s old pack who are not particularly thrilled to learn there is a lone wolf living near their territory.  And on top of that, it looks like Dylan’s house is haunted by a ghost who seems intent on stirring up trouble.  Dylan and Chris must face their new challenges together if they are going to be able to continue to build a future with one another.

Buried Bones is the sequel to Fielding’s excellent Good Bones, and I think I enjoyed this one even more.  Where the first story dealt a lot with the early relationship development and the potential conflicts of Dylan revealing to Chris that he is a werewolf, Buried Bones focuses more on the external problems these men must face now that they are together.  Which means we get to see Dylan and Chris all sweet and sexy in love as they fight all those bad guys out there trying to stir up trouble.  And I loved that because I really adore these guys as a couple.  They are the classic opposites attract, with Dylan who is somewhat geeky, sort of eco hipster, highly educated, and a bit uptight contrasted with the more laid back, sorta rednecky, self-taught Chris.  They balance each other out so well, and each is able to provide that boost of confidence and loving support his partner needs.  They are so much fun together, both loving and sweet as well as hot and super sexy and I just love them.

I think Fielding does a great job here of pulling together a bit of a mystery and thriller into the story, weaving together a bunch of different elements without making things too muddled or crazy.  As the guys struggle to figure out who the ghost is and what it wants, they reconnect with one of Dylan’s old friends as well as run afoul of Andy’s old pack.  I particularly liked getting more back story on Andy, who I felt was a bit cookie cutter villain in the first book.  Here we really get to learn more about him and it makes him a much more well rounded character. I also enjoyed slowly uncovering the  mystery of the ghost and thought the story resolves itself in a really sweet and wonderful way.  We get great side characters of supportive family and friends and it is so nice to see how these guys who are sort of loners have not only found each other, but managed to build a real family together.

So I really enjoyed this one and would definitely recommend both books. I think you could probably follow along with Buried Bones without the first book as there is enough of the backstory woven into this tale, but I think they make a great set and are definitely both worth reading. So if you are looking for a great shifter story with a bit of ghostly mystery built in, definitely pick up Buried Bones.


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