club arrestRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Richard is a centuries old vampire who runs a bar called Club Arrest. One of his dancers, Caleb, is a werewolf and is also his partner in the Immortal Police Squad (IPS). Most days, the two work together at the bar, Richard as owner and Caleb as employee. Sometimes, they’re called in by the police to work particularly difficult cases, ones that require the use of their supernatural talents. And, on the side, they’re friends with benefits.

As members of the IPS, they’re assigned a handler by the Vegas PD. Richard and Caleb suspect their previous handler, whom they loved, was murdered, though the police want to sweep it under the rug. When their new handler, Christopher Light, arrives, he also happens to be a man Richard remembers from a one-night hookup. Richard doesn’t have a lot of time to think about it, since they’re immediately called in to help with a case and things go awry. It would seem that Richard and Caleb’s suspicions were correct, and now they’re being implicated in a murder they had nothing to do with. They must clear their name, find the true killer, and also figure out if their partnership is one of convenience or something more.

Club Arrest is a difficult novella to categorize. Here’s what you need to know. If you are someone who believes in monogamy and true love, do not read this novel. If you hate threesomes, give it a pass. If you are violently against cheating, this is not for you. What you have here is a story that involves more than one relationship, sometimes with consent and involvement of the other partner, sometimes not. There is love, but it’s not your typical love story. There are three men here who like sex and are attracted to each other and, while technically there is a menage, they do not all end up together.

Did I make things clear as mud? The bottom line is, I really enjoyed this story. While not the most original concept, I enjoyed the interaction of the vampire and the werewolf, and particularly loved the uber-sexy vampire Richard. I loved the menage relationship, but also enjoyed the HEA for just two of the characters, though technically I should probably feel bad for the one who was demoted to occasional sexual guest star. I thought the chemistry was intense and I also enjoyed the action of the case they become involved in.

But oh my lord, there was just way too much story here for one little novella. Most of the time I read a book and am critical if it is too long. In this case, this story was much, much too short. I felt like I was hurried through this story at the speed of light. The breakneck pace barely left me a chance to breathe, and while I was certainly captivated enough to have a hard time putting it down, it left me with a severe case of whiplash. There was too much going on too quickly, too many epiphanies taking place in too short of a time, and simply not enough of the sexy characters and interesting story. I felt a bit short-changed, to tell you the truth.

I know this novella won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a little nutty in a lot of ways and requires a very open mind. But I’d definitely recommend it to someone who thinks more is always more. I see it as what Twilight should’ve been, a human/vampire/werewolf menage, if Bella hadn’t been so dull and whiny, and Jacob and Edward hadn’t been such self-important tools. It’s fun and hot and, though far from perfect, a really good time.

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