if it fornicatesRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

If it Fornicates is the fourth book in the fabulous Market Garden series and it reunites us with Nick and Spencer who we first met in If it Flies.  It is a few weeks after the end of that book and this time we get the story from Nick’s POV.  The guys have decided to try dating one another and Nick is no longer charging Spencer, though he continues his job as a rent boy Dom at Market Garden.

On a personal level, things are great between the men.  Spencer is so beautifully submissive and pushes all of Nick’s buttons.  He is everything Nick could want in a sub and he loves the time they spend together.  Being in a relationship freaks Nick out a bit as it has been a long time since he has been with anyone personally.  But he cares about Spencer and really wants to try to make something work, despite his nerves.  And Spencer gives Nick a sense of calm and peace that he is having trouble finding elsewhere. Despite the fact that Spencer has no problem with Nick’s job, Nick is finding himself with a lot less enthusiasm for work.  He is distracted by thoughts of Spencer and bored with these other men that he doesn’t really care about.  And though Spencer doesn’t want Nick to give up his job, he also doesn’t want to be the reason Nick is feeling so much stress and conflict.  At the same time, Spencer is dealing with his own job struggles, still stuck with stressful work that he hates at a firm where he can’t be out.  Nick and Spencer are both very happy together, but they need to find a way to balance their jobs and their personal lives if they are going to really make things work.

I am a big fan of this series and really enjoyed this latest installment as well.  As with the first two books (the scorchingly hot Quid Pro Quo and Take it Off), the third and fourth books of the series feature the same two characters from different POVs and work as a set.  So this one continues the development of Spencer and Nick’s relationship from If it Flies and probably works best as a companion to that book.  I really liked watching things develop here as we see the men settling into their relationship.  Personally everything is great for them.  They are incredibly hot together, but also so clearly developing real feelings for one another.  Along with all the heat and kinkiness, there is also a real sweetness between these guys. It is like when they get together there is a big sigh. Suddenly all that stress and craziness from the rest of their lives goes away and they can relax with one another.

But for both men their jobs continue to be a source of stress.  Things haven’t changed much for Spencer at work since the first book, though being with Nick has helped him find some balance in his personal life. But he still hates his job and the office politics and everything that goes along with it.  For Nick, the change in feelings is more of a surprise.  Spencer is totally supportive of his job and Nick has no intention of giving it up.  Yet he finds himself not nearly as engaged as he once was. The more time Nick spends with Spencer, the less he wants to be with his clients.  Nick is a professional and good at what he does. But he refuses to get into a scene where he can’t be 100% present and he finds himself so distracted and bored he can’t muster up the enthusiasm.  Yet with school bills to pay, quitting isn’t really an option either.  It was interesting to watch his struggle. His role as a Dom and as a rent boy is a big part of his identity.  He never expects his feelings for Spencer to get in the way, but eventually he can’t deny that they are.  I think this conflict is really well done and I enjoyed seeing Nick’s progression as he evaluates what he wants both from work and his relationship.

So another great installment in this series that I continue to love.  Sexy and hot with a real sweetness and tenderness underlying it.  I liked it a lot and would definitely recommend this one.

P.S. As I mentioned, Nick continues his work while in his relationship with Spencer.  There is one extended scene that involves sex with a client. No cheating as Spencer is in full support, but just mentioning for those of you for whom outside partners is an issue. (FWIW, Witt has indicated this client will get his own story – can’t wait!)