in search of a storyRating: 5 stars
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Length: Novel

Bad Timing.  That may very well be the cause of a potentially happy ever after going off course for cub reporter, Brad Torrence and doctor, Cory Wolfe.  Fate brings them together as Brad tries to save his job by doing a piece on grieving fathers. After finding an ad placed by Cory offering to sell baby furniture and equipment, Brad contacts the grieving Dad to sets up an appointment to meet.  Cory is wrapped in a cocoon of sadness due to the tragic death of the woman who was carrying the child he was to adopt.  That woman also happened to be Cory’s best friend and had agreed to be a surrogate due to the fact that Cory would never marry because he is gay.

From this point, In Search Of A Story takes a different angle for Brad.  As an only child who’s own mother suffered three miscarriages, Brad finds himself empathizing with Cory’s immense loss.   So, once his article is published in the newspaper, Brad finds he is drawn to Cory for very different reasons.  However, Cory is on the fast track to move to Atlanta for a research position he has always coveted.  In the meantime, Brad unearths a story that has the potential to be not only the scoop of the year, but dangerous to his own wellbeing.  As each man pursues what they feel is the defining moment of their careers, they are also falling more and more deeply in love with the other.  But the question remains: Is their newfound love enough to derail their career hopes and dreams?

One of the things that consummate storyteller Andrew Grey does so very well is draw well-rounded and believable characters into his novels.  These men become like family to the reader, immersing them deeply into their unfolding drama.  From early on in this story, the author reveals the internal struggle each of his characters is grappling with.

Because of Grey’s innate ability to develop complete characters within his stories, we are able to understand Brad’s near insta-love reaction to Cory.  Through that rich inner dialogue the author writes so well, it’s revealed that this is a trait that Brad likes least about himself.  He recognizes his own propensity for falling too deeply, too fast, and tries his best to pull back, only to realize that Cory truly makes him happy and, in many ways, complete.

Cory, on the other hand, grows exponentially as he interacts with Brad.  So very wounded and weighed down by his grief over the loss of his son Adam, Cory slowly heals and begins to recognize that holding on to the past is not only hurting himself but those around him.  Through the author’s skillful writing, we watch these two men inch slowly toward the realization that there is more than lust involved between them, in fact, there is the potential for a life-long love.

Add into this mix, the tension surrounding the explosive story that Brad is investigating and the constant reminders that a job offer will take Cory far away from Brad and you have the needed action that kept this story flowing.  In Search Of A Story was not just some nice romance but also a bit of a thriller, keeping us glued to its pages to see what might unfold next.  Along side this intensity, is the warm feeling of a hometown novel, brought close each time by Grey’s infusion of a colorful local setting and even some vernacular that is indicative of the area he writes about.

Once again, Andrew Grey brings us a well-written story that touches our hearts and keeps us involved in its fast paced drama.  I highly recommend In Search Of A Story by Andrew Grey.