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Length: Novella

Professor Brendon Marcus is the stereotypical nerd. A young genius, he graduated college at age fifteen and gained his masters and doctorate by age twenty-one. Now, at twenty-three, he is a scientist, studying and teaching at the university in his home town. Brendon is one hundred percent dedicated in his work, so much so that he has no social life, nor does he want one. While racing to teach his next class, Brendon runs head-on into a brick wall who turns out to the be the new assistant football coach. But he hardly notices as the notes to his most important experiment yet are scattered around the hallway. Once they are quickly collected, he barely mutters a thank you before he’s off to class.

Coach Josh Hart is a disappointment to his father, who wanted him to be a doctor, but Josh loves his job and he’s good at it. He is also mesmerized by the quirky young man he knocked down in the hall – the man he thought to be a student at first. Using a loose paper the young professor left behind in his hurry to get to class, Josh hunts him down and asks him out. The attraction is mutual, if a little bumbling in the beginning, but Josh is quick to guide the innocent and somewhat naïve Brendon into his first kiss and his first date, among other firsts.

A vindictive, manipulative boss, players that don’t approve of their coach being gay, Brendon’s literal personality, and jealousies threaten to tear the pair apart before they even have a chance together. Josh and Brendon must find a way accept their differences if they want to see their relationship go anywhere.

What an adorable story. It’s not something that hasn’t been done before, but it is seriously sweet. Organic Chemistry is a story of the geek and the jock all grown up. It’s an endearing tale of opposites attract. I really enjoyed the story and the relationship, although it felt like a little bit of everything was attacking the couple – work problems, homophobia, family issues, misunderstandings. They had to deal with it all.

I absolutely adore Brendon – his literal personality, his social ineptitude. Googling dinner with a friend to find out the proper etiquette cracked me up. He’s the guy that’s so immersed in his own head and his own little world that he misses the world passing him by. That’s were Josh comes in. Josh is a go-to guy. He’s fun and positive, strong and encouraging. He’s a wonderful motivator, the perfect coach. And he brings Brendon out of his box. He teaches him that there is more to life than work.

I like that these two got to know each other. They took time to make their relationship actually mean something. Don’t get me wrong, it has its ups and downs. It’s not perfect in the beginning, but that’s what makes them so much fun. They are complete opposites. They struggle. They fight against outside forces and against themselves. Misunderstandings and jealousies threaten their relationship. And Brendon’s weak self-esteem takes some hits before Josh helps him build it up. There is room for growth in their relationship, and they make it work. They’re a really good couple. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them in the future.

All in all, Organic Chemistry is a rather good book. I love the characters and I adore the slow build of the relationship. It’s a wonderfully written, well-paced read that kept a smile on my face. And, come on. Who doesn’t love the geek-and-jock happily-ever-after? I recommend Organic Chemistry by Andrew Grey.

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