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Louis Guzman has been in Los Angeles for awhile, originally with the dream to become an actor, but lately doing what he needs to do to pay the bills. Since he’s abandoned his acting dream completely and is trying to get away from the seedier ways he’s making a living, Louis applies to be a nanny to divorced parents Dan and Crissi Krefman. The two live separately, but have an amicable relationship with each other, mostly to raise their two young kids, Liam and Cara. While Louis lacks experience as a nanny, his rapport with the kids is impossible to deny and he starts his life as a nanny who divides his life between the two households.

Crissi is a once A-list actress and Dan is a Hollywood producer. Louis finds himself living in two homes a thousand times more glamorous than anything he’s experienced before. He also realizes quickly that Dan is divorced from Crissi because he’s gay, and he finds his attraction to the man is difficult to fight. Neither Dan nor Louis want to get involved, however, since Louis finds his job as a nanny to the two young children to be more rewarding than he ever imagined, and Dan doesn’t want to lose the best thing that happened to their family if something went sour.

An attraction like this, with a man Louis sees on a regular basis, is bound to be acted upon. Then, the real problems have to be dealt with. Dan is still in the closet. Crissi must deal with the tabloids and the effect this kind of news will have on her career. And Louis has a less than pristine career past. Then there are the kids to consider. So many obstacles to overcome, and everyone in this family has to decide if it’s something they’re willing to do together or if they’re better off without their amazing new au pair.

Close to the beginning of the book, when Louis is first getting to know Crissi, he finds her watching Pretty in Pink and they bond over it being a “comfort film.” That’s how this kind of book feels to me. There’s nothing new about it. I’ve read this kind of story, with these kind of characters, many times before. The conflict isn’t contrived, but also doesn’t really have much of an impact. The characters are great. Both Louis and Dan are sexy and sweet and deserve to be together. Crissi is a strong woman in a difficult situation and it’s difficult to not like her. And who doesn’t melt a little at the idea of a man who’s good with children? Much less two men?

So there’s a significant feel good factor here. It’s also quite well-written. It kept up a fairly good pace and the story, while predictable, was engaging enough to keep me reading. But, let’s be honest, as the m/m romance market becomes more and more saturated, we’re always looking for something different. Something that stands out for whatever reason, whether it be phenomenal sex, original characters, a surprising storyline, or particularly skilled writing. This is not that book.

If you have a thing for hot, personable mannies, give it a read. If you need a fun beach read, this would fit the bill as well. If you’re looking for the next literary masterpiece, then. . .well, why are you doing that? It’s the summer! Have some fun and enjoy.

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