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I absolutely loved J.A. Rock’s Wacky Wednesday, so I was beyond thrilled to see this follow up that reunites us with our heroes, Amon Monterey and Jayk Parker. One year after recovering from their body swap that left them living each other’s lives for a day, Jayk and Amon’s relationship is stronger than ever.  They are more able to understand one another, communicate better, and have grown even closer.  And now they are getting married, surrounded by a small group of family and friends and with their cat Allen Ginspurr as the ring bearer (Jayk’s idea of course).

When Jayk and Amon arrive at their wedding venue, they encounter Jennifer and Ron Gaines-Brake, a couple who are using the wedding hall the next day.  Ron and Jennifer are constantly arguing and insulting one another and somehow Jayk and Amon get sucked into their drama.  And their body switching curse kicks in again, this time with Amon swapping bodies with Ron and Jayk switching with Jennifer.

At this point Jayk and Amon are old hands at the body swapping thing, but this is still their wedding weekend and the day before the ceremony is filled with last minute things they need and want to do in their own bodies.  Not to mention the whole “Jayk is now a woman” problem.  And Jennifer and Ron aren’t too thrilled either and even more freaked out than Jayk and Amon.  At first they guys assume they got mixed up in Jennifer and Ron’s swap because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Surely they have nothing they need to learn through this experience, right? But as the day unfolds, Jayk and Amon begin to realize some of their own doubts and anxieties and must work through them before the wedding day.  Not to mention dealing with switched bodies, a missing cat, a wedding cake that tastes like ass, and Jayk’s sudden discovery of the wonders of the clitoris.  They must hold it together and work things out in time for their wedding the next day.

So I am thrilled to say this one was everything I was hoping for — hysterical, romantic, sexy, and poignant.  I continue to absolutely adore these guys together.  Jayk is the titular brat. He is high energy, impulsive, and a bit wild.  He knows he needs limits and guidance and structure, all things that Amon provides in their domestic discipline relationship.  But of course, a brat is a brat and there are times Jayk still gets off track, usually to hysterical results.  And here we see Amon, who is usually so calm and confident and in control, as he struggles with his own doubts about the wedding — what happens if the younger Jayk grows tired of him, how will Amon survive without him in his life?  They are so sweet and wonderful together, we can totally see why their relationship works and why they are such a perfect fit. Even as they are dealing with their own insecurities, as a reader I never doubted for a moment that they are a perfect match and their love for one another shines through even through their difficult times.

These guys are also super hot together.  In addition to the domestic discipline element, there are some other BDSM dynamics to their relationship, mostly in the form of dominance/submission, as well as some mild bondage, spanking, etc.  Nothing very hard core and I think even if BDSM isn’t your thing that the book is very accessible.  And boy are they crazy hot together.  Their scene together in the park up against the tree? Whew.

Once again Rock really excels as she brings in the humor. The book is laugh out loud funny as both these guys find themselves in the craziest of situations.  My favorite scene is where Jennifer tries to convince Jayk that it is ok to explore her female body while it is on loan to him.  While at first Jayk is freaked out by his missing penis, with Jennifer’s urging (and her hand drawn map of Jennifer’s Nether Region), he decides to check out his new girl parts.

It felt so unbefuckinglievably good.

Like I wanted to punch someone because I couldn’t deal with how good it felt. Where were the newscasters? I had to report a major historical error. The penis was not, in fact, the greatest thing ever. I mean, it had its merits. It was fun to suck. Easy to grip. You could pee standing up.

But this…this was in a class by itself. How did women masturbate without passing out? How did they get anything done?

I also loved how despite starting out pretty much hating Jennifer, Jayk ends up forming a great friendship with her. Here they are as Jayk gives Jennifer instructions before she leaves to go be him for his bachelor party:

“Once you’re in Chatham-Kent, it’ll be easier, because you can drink.” I looked her over. “Just remember, my friends are gonna expect you to party. Whatever they dare you to do, do it—unless it’s making out with someone. Whatever drug they give you, take it—provided it’s only pot or X. Or Adderall.”

I thought for a minute. “Scratch that. Just pot. Drinks are fine, but no hangovers.”

“You think I’ve never been to a bachelorette party?” She leaned close to me and whispered, “By the time I’m done there, half the women in Chatham-Kent will be pregnant with your child, your pole-dancing routine will be up on YouTube with 394,000 likes and only one dislike—from your jealous ex—and your face will be on every wanted poster from Ontario to Montreal. And you won’t have so much as a headache tomorrow.”

I knew I could count on her.

But the best part is that underlying all the crazy adventures and hysterical conversations is a real sweetness.  We see Ron and Jennifer work out their problems with Jayk and Amon’s help.  And we see Jayk and Amon themselves recognize their own anxieties and talk with one another, coming out stronger than ever.  Rock does a great job of showing all the warmth and love and real connection between these guys throughout the story.  It is all just wonderfully done and highly recommended.

P.S. Just a mention that this one could probably stand alone in terms of understanding, but I think it is much richer having ready Wacky Wednesday (not to mention that the first book is awesome). Also, for the curious, despite switching bodies, we stay in Jayk and Amon’s alternating POVs throughout the whole book; we are never with Ron and Jennifer without our heroes.  And for those of you who are girl part squeamish, there is no sex between Jayk and Amon when they are in their hetero bodies (aside from the aforementioned hysterical clitoral exploration).

More P.S. Rock visited the blog earlier this week to talk more about the book and her inspiration for the story. She has also brought a copy to give away so be sure to check out that post to enter to win.