Hi guys!  Today we are sharing another Favorite Books List, this time focused on cross dressing heroes. I happen to love this trope and have a thing for guys who are a bit gender bending in their styles, dress, and personalities. And I find a good lingerie kink can be super hot. Not to mention that it makes for some nice diversity in romance novels, rather than every guy needing to be a stereotypical alpha male.

So today we are sharing some of our favorite books with this theme. We went sort of broad here, so this list includes everything from cross dressers, to lingerie fetishes, to drag queens. Anyone who is willing to blur the gender lines just a bit. So here are some of our favorites:

[Last Updated: 1/3/20]

* These books feature secondary characters who are drag queens but they are prominent parts of the story so we included them here

 If you are interested in seeing all the books we have reviewed with this theme, check out our stories featuring cross dressers and drag queens.  Goodreads also has a list of “Best Gay Romance with Cross Dressing Heroes” that you can check out (though I found some books listed that didn’t actually fit the theme).

So what about you guys? Any fellow fans of cross dressing heroes out there? Any other favorite books to suggest?