zombie boyzHi guys! So today for our third day of the Zombie Boyz celebration, I am thrilled to welcome authors Daniel A. Kaine and Ethan Stone to the blog.  Daniel and Ethan are sharing their thoughts on which of them might best survive a zombie apocalypse.  They have also brought another copy of the book to give away, so be sure to leave a comment to enter.

Welcome Ethan and Daniel! 


Ethan Stone: Surviving Sin City features an American man and a British man trying to survive the zombie apocalypse without trying to kill each other. Daniel, I know if I was stuck with you in that situation there might be times I’d be tempted to shoot you instead of the zombies. If our story happened to us in real life which one of us would have a better shot at survival?

Daniel: I can run six miles. There’s nothing to debate, really.

ES: So the old adage that you don’t have to run fast, just faster than the guy next to you is true? But can you shoot a gun? I’ve been trained on glocks, shotguns, mini rifles. A shot to your leg and you’re down for the count. Plus, I know how to drive. You may be able to run six miles but I’d still speed past you in a vehicle. Debate that, bitch! 🙂

Daniel: And what will you do when there’s no fuel left for your car?

ES: And what will you do when you’re tired after running six miles?

Daniel: I’m pretty sure that the police won’t be checking for driver’s licences during the apocalypse, so I’ll just steal a car 😛

ES: The question is can you even drive? And if you can, will you remember you’re in America and drive on the right side of the road? Otherwise you’d be in a head on collision and screwed.

Daniel: I can drive well enough to make a car go forward. That’s all that matters. And it’s not my fault you guys all drive on the wrong side of the bloody road. I’ll just go off road for a bit or something.

ES: Says the Brit who has clearly never been to Vegas. Go off roading in the wrong area and you’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere without shade or water. So clearly out of your element.

Daniel: I’m not talking about going way off into the desert… I’ll just drive alongside the roads or something. And hey, back up a bit… why the hell would you shoot me in the leg? What did I do to deserve that?

ES: You were going to run off and leave me behind. I was going to shoot you in the leg so the zombies would stop and munch on your skinny ass and I could get moving. Though it wouldn’t take long for them to eat you up since there isn’t much meat on your bones. They would probably be more interested in a chunky guy like me.

Daniel: I wouldn’t be leaving you behind, per se. I’d just be getting away from the zombies quicker, that’s all. And you’re right, I’d be totally unappealing to the zombies. The barbeque sauce I squirted into your boots while you were sleeping probably wouldn’t help your chances either. Mmmmm, barbecue sauce. The zombies won’t be able to resist you.

ES: I use barbecue sauce to attract men, so I’m sure it would work for zombies. I think the most logical solution is to work together. After all we both have skills the other can use. Which is exactly what Kaleb and Cooper did in Surviving Sin City.

Daniel: Okay, so I know I’m an evil genius and can certainly make a quick getaway when needed. Plus I’m pretty mean with a samurai sword (in my head I am anyway). You can be my chauffeur I guess. How’s that sound?

ES: You are evil. Thought not sure about the genius part. I drive, you kill the monsters? Sounds like a good deal to me.


As part of our Zombie Boyz celebration, we will be giving away THREE copies of the book, one with each of the three guest posts. You can enter at each of the posts, but may only win once.  So leave a comment here for a chance to win and be sure to enter at Wednesday and Thursday’s posts as well.  All three drawings will end on Sunday, July 21st at 11:59 pm EST.  

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