Hello everyone! Today I am really excited to kick off our three day Zombie Boyz celebration with authors Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day.  Geoff and Ethan have brought a great post for us, as well as the first of three copies of the book we will be giving away.  So please join me in giving them a huge welcome!

Geoff and Ethan’s Movie Buffs Guide on to How to Survive in a Post-Apocalyptic World

zombie boyzIt’s here! The Zombie Boyz have arrived, and like the six Horsemen of the Apocalypse, TJ Klune, Eric Arvin, Ethan Stone, Daniel A Kaine, Ethan Day and I are dishing out a plague of panic, a storm of sexiness and a fireball of fun all rolled into the best zombie book ever written (by us).

And while this anthology is jam-packed with handy hints on how to come out of a zombie plague with all limbs in tact, Ethan and I thought we’d delve even deeper, watch a few flicks, and put together “Geoff and Ethan’s Movie Buff’s Guide on How To Survive In A Post-Apocalyptic World!” Because if there’s one thing the movies have taught us, it’s how to survive doomsday and its aftermath. And we’re not just talking zombies here (even though that’s all the rage right now). No matter if civilization is thrown into chaos by a rogue meteor, environmental disaster, science-gone-wrong or nuclear armageddon, Hollywood has devised a number of handy hints to make the best of a bad situation. So to celebrate the release of our book Zombie Boyz, we thought we’d put together our top tips on how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world… so make sure you print up this blog post and keep it in your bunker for future reference.

Tip #1-A 

Kidnap Tom Cruise. Yes, he may over-power you in your attempt given his agility and ability to fight—as demonstrated in just about every movie he’s made except Jerry Maguire—but if you do succeed, Tom may prove a true asset in helping you defeat any mutants and solve the true reason as to the fall of Earth. And let’s face it, after bouncing back from his Oprah sofa-pouncing days, that man has proven he’s a survivor.

Tip #1-B 

Plus Tom already has an ‘in’ with the aliens being one of the Grand Poobah’s in that whole Scientology thang! Bonus!!!

Tip #2 

Don’t swallow anything called Soylent Green! (Unless it comes out of a hot guy whose name is Soylent Green) Both are likely to be full of protein, but in most cases, you may not like reading the ingredients.

Tip #3

Don’t allow every pretty, un-dead face to lull into a sense of security! If it walks like a zombie and moans like a zombie, chances are it’s a zombie. But if a horde of them manage to corner you, don’t panic. Just start lurching and groaning with the gang and hopefully you’ll fool them.

Tip #4 

Don’t let the rockstar hairdo and snazzy outfit fool you! If Tina Turner invites you to the “Thunderdome”, it’s NOT a nightclub! You’ll be rollin’ alright, but it won’t be down the river!

Tip #5

Listen to your father! Especially when he’s a paleoclimatologist for NORAD (as we know most of your dads are!), because when you’re trapped in New York after a giant tsunami hits and the temperature of the planet starts to plummet on its way to the next Ice Age, you’re gonna wanna remember every boring story your old man told you at the dinner table! And if you end up trapped in a library and discover you need to burn some books in order to keep warm, make sure they weren’t written by Geoffrey Knight or Ethan Day…pretty please?

Tip #6-A 

Pack a Teddy, sometimes they give great advice!

Tip #6-B 

Key word, sometimes, people! Sometimes they give great advice. That doesn’t mean you should blindly do everything your Teddy tells you – even if that Teddy hangs with the distractingly hunky Marky Mark Wahlberg!

Tip #7 

Don’t talk to talking apes. If one starts babbling on about “the rise of Caesar”, just ignore him and keep on going about your day as though nothing strange happened. You seriously don’t wanna get caught up in that monkey business!


As part of our Zombie Boyz celebration, we will be giving away THREE copies of the book, one with each of the three guest posts. You can enter at each of the posts, but may only win once.  So leave a comment here for your first chance to win and keep your eyes open for the other two posts on Thursday and Friday.  All three drawings will end on Sunday, July 21st at 11:59 pm EST.  

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