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Cowboy and sorcerer Jackie Black is a gunslinger in the city. A sorcerer who shoots magic with his alchemically enhanced guns, Jackie is known for his retrieval and curse-breaking skills. Making the move to the city was a big decision for him, but when his reason for moving becomes the biggest disappointment, Jackie finds himself alone in a city he’s not sure he wants to call home after all.

After he runs into a paranormal investigator in need of his specialized sort of help, Jackie jumps at the chance to help him out. And when the retrieval of a stolen necklace turns into the murder of the same investigator he was helping, Jackie is the first to step in to solve the case. But as he works through the man’s past, Jackie finds himself in the middle of a mystery dating back to the 1800s.

Collecting helpers along the way, Jackie delves deeper into an outrageous mystery. Ned is a demon free of territory, which is unheard of. Jackie is surprised and confused when he finds Ned on a killing spree, only to be saved by the demon. Even more surprised by his strong, sudden feelings for the beautiful, tortured demon. Surviving this case may not be possible on his own, but trusting Ned may be the hardest thing, especially when painful pasts and hidden secrets are revealed.

Dance Only for Me is the sixth book in Megan Derr’s Dance with the Devil series.

I love this world! If I had to pick my favorite thing about this series, it would be the DwtD world. It’s paranormal, which is usually my chosen genre. It’s dark and gritty. It’s vastly unique and forever growing. Just when I think that it would be impossible to add to this already amazing world, Derr throws something in there to make me eat those words. It’s a world of ghosts, dragons, demons, sorcerers, vampires, alchemists…seriously, I could probably spend an hour listing all that is part of this world. But my point is this author has created a world that is perfect in every aspect. It’s huge, yet well-organized. It’s one of the things that keep me addicted to this series.

Derr is also a master of characterization. The characters in this story, be they main characters or minor, are so likable…well, not counting the antagonist. Those you love to hate. Jackie is not only a sorcerer, he’s a man scorned. He’s been burned in his past too many times to give away easy trust. He’s caring and patient, but he’s also strong and stubborn. Ned is a man who is beyond broken. He has no need for friendship, much less a relationship. Together they are passionate and perfect together.

And the secondary characters…I’m not sure I can do them justice. I adore Wyatt. Adore him. He’s like an eager puppy with a psychotic side. Phoenix is a vampire/necromancer with trust issues. Emma is a formerly abused angel. And Jebidiah, Jackie’s father, is an ornery, stubborn cowboy, just like his son. The best thing about this ragtag bunch is that they form a group that Jackie can’t see himself without. He’s alone in a place he doesn’t necessarily like, but finds family anyway.

Not only does this author introduce new characters, but she gives readers who have read the previous books updates of previous characters via cameos. I loved seeing and hearing about some of my favorite characters.

And the story. The fast-paced, action-packed story is everything I’ve come to expect from a Megan Derr novel. It’s imaginative and exciting. It’s entertaining and well-written. It is several stories, several mysteries within a mystery that all make up part of the big picture. It’s complex, yet easy to follow. From the beginning I was glued to the pages.

By the end of this book, I was left with two questions. Can I have more? And can Wyatt please, please have a story? Seriously, if you are a fan of Megan Derr, you definitely want to read this book. If you have not read Ms. Derr, don’t fret. Dance Only for Me, as well as the rest of the Dance with the Devil series, is written as a standalone novel. You don’t necessarily have to read them in order. Although, I do encourage you to read them all. I promise you do not want to miss out. Highly recommended.

P.S. Megan stopped by last week to talk to us about how she organizes and keeps track of her world in this series, including a chance to get a sneak peak into her master spreadsheet. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

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